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    ENN Top 10 6/22/07

    ENN Top 10 Singles 1. Ravager - NAPW Champion, TEAM Challenge Champion 2. Nova 3. Rex Caliber - Rebel Pro Wrestling (RPW) Champion 4. Beast - A1E Triple Star Champion 5. Easton Hall - PRIME Five-Star Champion 6. Dan Ryan 7. Ulysis Solian - LoC Relentless Champion 8. Simply Beautiful 9...
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    JWO Status and BC Questions

    First of all, I apologize for not getting the show up last weekend, but my workload shot up high last week and then I had to travel to Tampa, FL on business all week. Secondly, my workload is not going to be dropping back down in the forseeable future, and I'm concerned about my ability to...
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    Power Trip! Update

    Power Trip! will be posted on Sat. along with the new lineup since I'll be out of town next week. Brian
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    Deadline Extension

    I'm extending the RP deadline to 5/13/07 at 10 pm ET since nobody has bothered to RP yet.
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    Trey Moore vs. Gravedigger vs. Tex

    Trey Moore vs. Gravedigger vs. Tex RP Deadline is 5/13/07 at 10 pm ET.
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    Angles, Interveiws & Segments

    All of the above should be submitted via PM to me here before the deadline is up. Please feel free to use these to continue to build your characters in the JWO. Brian
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    Faye Walker vs. Hornswagglin' Huck

    Faye Walker vs. Hornswagglin' Huck All RP Goes Here RP Deadline is 5/9/07 at 10 pm ET
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    Otaku vs. AC Blood

    Otaku vs. AC Blood All RP goes here. RP Deadline is 5/9/07 at 10 pm ET
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    Hida Yakamo vs. Ricky Bernero

    Hida Yakamo vs. Ricky Bernero All RP goes here. RP Deadline is 5/9/07 at 10 pm ET
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    Match Threads

    Do you guys want match threads or do you want to be able to create your own threads?
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    JWO: Power Trip 5/16

    JWO will be coming to the Richmond Coliseum, in Richmond, Virgina on 5/16. The Main Event of the evening will see Faye Walker, hot off of her dominating, record setting victory on the debut Power Trip!, will be taking on the hillbilly from Georgia, Hornswagglin' Huck! Otaku, will be squaring...
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    JWO: Power Trip 4/28

    (The scene opens to a wild crowd of people outside of The Red Iguana in downtown Nashville. People are going absolutely wild as the cameraman works his way through the crowd to see the JWO’s very own Hornswagglin’ Huck trying to make his way into the club.) SECURITY: Sir, I’m going to ask you...
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    JWO: Power Trip 4/28

    It's inauguration time in JWO'ville and we're talking about the debut of our flagship show, Power Trip! Our debut show will be going down in none other than Nash-vegas itself, the home of Country Music, Nashville, Tennessee at The Nashville Arena! We've got all of the JWO Superstars lined up...
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    The Big Gold Belt

    Here's what you're here for. First show lineup should be up tonight hopefully.
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    JWO Public Opinion Poll #1

    Okay, here's the first of what will probably be many JWO Public Opinion Polls. After initially deciding to call the regular JWO show "Inferno", I made a snap judgement and decided to go with "Power Trip" instead. So, which do you think should be the name of the regular show?
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    Time Is Running Out!

    Time is running out on you if you're planning on getting in on the ground floor of the JWO. We will announce the lineup for the first edition of our show, Power Trip, on Sunday night, April 15. Get your profiles in now to make sure that you don't miss out on any MAJOR opportunities.
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    Major Annoucement

    With the great rush of people to join, we've decided to alleviate those of you who have not yet joined of the hassle of creating new characters. Cutting to the point, for a limited time, the JWO is waiving it's 2 fed rule. This is a limited time offer and can be withdrawn at any moment, so get...
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    No Pushing!

    No pushing and no shoving. We've got room for everyone!
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    The Rundown

    Welcome to what many are calling a return of sorts, of the JWO. Well, that's not entirely true as the JWO was never actually a league, but more or less a running angle that crossed over to quite a few different feds. For more on that, you could probably talk to Mike Stanton. This JWO will...
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    JWO Profiles Vol. I

    So, you think you've got what it takes to make it in the JWO? Then fill out this profile for your wrestler and upon approval, sign in for our next event. Remember, the more accurate and detailed you are with your profile, then the better chance we'll have of not screwing things up. NAME...

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