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  1. The Second Coming

    Dear Dr. Silver

    If we can get away from the individuals crying out for a past-his-prime veteran and a rookie with less than a year's experience to acknowledge them and validate their existence (what a strange combination to emulate), I believe I was first in line. You threw the gauntlet, and I picked it up -...
  2. The Second Coming


    (FADEIN: on a private dressing room. You can't really tell, but I'm telling you. It's a private room, with exactly one person in it. Spoiler alerts? It's actually an extra - large broom closet, but the Second Coming had asked for a private place to change her clothes after the match with...
  3. The Second Coming

    SLAMTRACK 3: Ikan Jobtayoo v. The Second Coming

    Equations I stared at the page in front of me. Simplify sqrt(–25). Simplify sqrt(–18). Simplify –sqrt(–6). Simple. All of it was incredibly simple. I shouldn’t say that. It’s uncomplicated, not necessarily simple. But I’ve gotten straight A’s since the first grade, and math came pretty...
  4. The Second Coming

    First Contact

    From: DDalton@ RLWrestling.net To: mjfIIc@ yahoo.com Re: Red Line Wrestling Ms. Frankenstein, Good day, my name is Daniel Dalton, and I am reaching out to you representing Red Line Wrestling, in anticipation of our inaugural live event. My role is twofold: I am the play by play announcer, and...
  5. The Second Coming

    The Second Coming

    Wrestler Name: The Second Coming Nicknames (if applicable): 2C Height: 5'9" Weight: 140 lbs Hometown: Warwick, NY Birthdate: January 22nd Physical appearance: Long black hair, typically pulled back in one or two braids or pigtails/ponytails. Gray eyes. Proportionally muscled - she looks to be...

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