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    Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen......

    (The scene opens in a greasy spoon, located somewhere in Michigan on Interstate 75. Jon Savage, Ric Savage, and Wildside are in a booth, nursing black coffee and burnt toast as the news blares over the TV that GLCW has closed.) JON: What the hell? That can't be true..... RIC: Impossible...
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    Beyond The Squared Circle is on FWI!!!!!

    I've joined the staff of Fantasy Wrestling Illustrated as a weekly columnist..... The column is called Beyond The Squared Circle, and the link is below...... http://fwimag.com/ happy reading! Jon Mayhew
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    OCTANE is coming.....

    Hey my fellow GLCW'ers..... With Scott's permission, I'm going to be presenting..... (insert copius amounts of fanfare here) OCTANE..... GLCW's official Newsmagazine. It'll cover the most recent GLCW card, as well as presenting interviews of GLCW's top talent...... If you want to be a part...
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    An Open Letter from The General

    This is an open letter to both the Dogs of War and the Unholy Alliance. We were notified today that we are, in fact, number two contenders to the Great Lakes Tag Team Championship. The only two teams standing in our way to achieving our goal of total domination of the tag team scene are the...
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    A Message to the Unholy Alliance

    Camera fades into an interview set, where Johnny Wildside is seen taping an interview for the upcoming "Wired," the new television show of Great Lakes Championship Wrestling. Jon Savage is seen on a cell phone just offstage. Savage is seen hanging up the phone and approaches Wildside.... JON...
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    On The Way Back

    (Camera fades into a blank screen sporting the "WXYZ-TV" logo. An announcer comes on the air while the logo flashes.) ANNCR: Now stay tuned for a special report. Here's Doctor Johnny Wildside, wrestling manager extrordinnaire.... WILDSIDE: Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen, I come to you...

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