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  1. ShawnHartXXX

    Since the feedback thread is closed...

    ...I thought I would pop on here and thank the couple of you that offered me your kind words. I enjoyed RPing for this event and also enjoyed reading the RP. As I said in one of the threads leading up to the event, I felt that pretty much everyone put forth a level of effort that would make me...
  2. ShawnHartXXX

    You guys are probably already aware of this, but...

    I'm pretty sure somebody posted an RP today and the post is now gone after Chad's...ermm...mishap. LOL. I felt compelled to mention this given the 0.0001% chance you guys hadn't noticed. Just a heads up.
  3. ShawnHartXXX

    In Which SJH States His Case

    FADE IN: A seedy, backlot studio – Midday On a small sound stage that was obviously jury-rigged into the backlot of a larger production house, we see a set eerily reminiscent of the one from “The Dick Cavett Show.” In the host's chair sits a balding, late-forties man in a plaid suit. His...
  4. ShawnHartXXX

    Why Y'all Trippin'?!

    FADE IN: A busy city street. Daytime. CUE UP: An exceedingly PHAT beat. In a scene that hearkens back to Fred Durst's march in Limp Bizkit's "Nookie" video, the self-proclaimed Heavyweight Champion of the Universe, the nefarious SHAWN-JESSICA ❤, is marching down an urban causeway. Flanked by...
  5. ShawnHartXXX

    Shawn-Jessica ❤

    APPLICATION - Handler Name: Ryan Aston - Contact Info: Phenom415 on AIM, tintinabar on Facebook, phenom415@aol.com on e-mail - Current EFed: Legacy of Champions, New Era - Are you representing that EFed with this character?: Sure, why not. Both. - Is anyone else from your EFed entered in...
  6. ShawnHartXXX

    Poser Discussion

    F##king badass!!!!! I don't mean to go crazy, but I'm seriously like.. in love with this style.
  7. ShawnHartXXX

    Star Trek Online anyone?

    I've been LOVING this game...its kept me off of Diablo III. Anybody else play it or interested in doing so?
  8. ShawnHartXXX

    Problem editing profiles

    This isn't a huge deal, my profile is mostly OK...but because I was 700 miles from home and submitting my app via iPod on the free wi-fi at a McDonalds, I missed a few things. I want to fix said things and remember it being said that these would be editable (editible? lol) by us, but for some...
  9. ShawnHartXXX


    So I've talked to a few of you and made a few posts on the board already, but just wanted to say HEY and glad everybody is still up and kicking! I look forward to following/participating in the Ultratourney with all you jokers I've been chatting up since '98 P* times. Excelsior!
  10. ShawnHartXXX

    Out/Finitio/Signing Off

    Well guys, it's been awesome the last 2 or so years being a part of EPW again. Big ups to Tom and Barry for getting me into Anthology, Mike, Billy and co. working with me in HOPE, big Brunk for putting SJH in some cool matches, and to everyone else in EPW.. whether we got a chance to work...
  11. ShawnHartXXX

    I'm Sick :(

    Hey now! So normally, I'd go to the fedheads I'm involved with for this, but since I'm in like a million feds.. this will be a lot easier. Some of you are aware I've been battling an increasingly bothersome mystery illness since late february/early march. Basically, my symptoms started out as...
  12. ShawnHartXXX

    SJH, PhD

    Posting this for easy transfer to the site. :D Shawn Jessica Hart, PhD. Real Name: Steve Savoy Nicknames: SJH, the Phenom, the Prime Minister of Gettin' Sinister, Muff Daddy, PHAT Papa Shawn, Mr. XXX, Sugar, Shooter, the Corona Man, Limoncello Fellow, the Ayatollah of Areolas, the Bangbino...
  13. ShawnHartXXX

    Joining the FW Blog Ring

    ..Yup, it's me. *sigh* I dunno if it's in character or out of character, both, or something in between, but it's there..lol. I'll probably be updating it fairly regularly so peep it if you want to. Or don't. Whatever. LOL... Check the Blogs section here on FW (I may be throwing 'em up on...
  14. ShawnHartXXX


    Don't ask me why.... I dunno.. http://www.twitter.com/SJHPhD
  15. ShawnHartXXX

    Back in Business

    Just a heads up to EPW-land that my computer has been 'reassembled' and I am back in effect (and glad to be so.)
  16. ShawnHartXXX

    Mad pc problems (again)

    Hey now. So here's the score.. My computer became useless about 10 days ago and they've cut the wireless net atvwork.. So I have no means of doing much of anything on the computer at the moment. Thankfully I'm getting the replacement parts in about a week.. So I should be good to go in early...
  17. ShawnHartXXX

    Coffee Break.

    LOL.. ehh.. I'm sure you all know the score... but here's the deal - I'm finding some of my preexisting EW/FW commitments hard to scale down because my characters are involved in major angles and such, so running FMLL keeps getting pushed to the backburner. That said, I'm gonna press the pause...
  18. ShawnHartXXX

    Mr. Brunk!!!!

    How 'bout those Houston Cougars?!?!?!??!!!
  19. ShawnHartXXX


    I am quite annoyed with my no-showing... I can't remember the last time I did that. So please allow me to extend my apologies. I had a work situation that handcuffed me (and still is actually)... but I'll PM all involved parties with more info on that. For now, again... my apologies. Now to...
  20. ShawnHartXXX

    Legacy of Champions PRESENTS - Ready, Set, Wrestle!!

    For the first time since our splendifforous return, the Legacy brings you RSW! ..a supercard of EPIC proportions. Several big title matches, some returns, and all the twists and turns you would expect. Pretty vague, right? Well... I'm incredibly lazy.... and anything I say is completely...

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