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    What does the future hold?

    (Inside the Erie County Medical Center in Buffalo, New York, a rather short, balding except for the patch of white hair around the sides of his head, old man is seen talking to the receptionist at the front desk) RECEPTIONIST: I'm sorry sir no visitors are permitted at this time. OLD MAN...
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    Thoughts on UCW Revoultion?

    Was wondering what everyone thought of the Revolution show? Concerns? Thoughts? Match of the Night? Segment of the Night? Angle of the Night? Impending/forshadowing future Feuds of the Night? Shocking Moment of the Night? Face of the Night? Heel of the Night? Overall Thoughts
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    The Card UPdate

    FYI. All matches are completed. Shane will be getting up the card ASAP. Thank you all for your patience :) - Mr. I
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    So Shane my brotha.. do you need any help with the card? Did you get that thing I sent to your e-mail? Let me know! I have time this week so I can help out if needed.
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    Mr. Incredible

    Name: Mr. Incredible Height: 6'4" Weight: 250 lbs Image: Very muscular built man. He wears a bright blue mask with a white star covering the face that's outlined in red. The eye sockets are outlined in a sparkly blue. To the ring Mr. Incredible wears blue tights that have the good ol'...

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