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    Sheikspeak....Did I strike a chord???

    (No music....no fancy garb....fade straight into the Sheik's face....) Sheik:Did I strike a chord??? I see your little sad face on my last Sheikspeak and I pray the whole WFW also shall see it.... and know the truth.... the TRUTH that CANNOT be denied any longer....The TRUTH behind it...
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    Sheik Speak 1/06

    (As "Black Sabbath' by Black Sabbath Fades in The Noble Sheik's face comes into view) Sheik:Oh I am certain you are all mystified if not a bit relieved of my absence lately....but the results speak for themseves....I show you RED....you all turn GREEN....merry chrismahanakwanzika to you... as if...
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    The Sheik Speaks......

    (Cut-to:At Almost Live.The evening is winding down.After the official sign off from the air,chaos reigns in back.A group of security guards are desprately holding a locker room door closed.An unintelligeble voice rings over a two-way radio....) Vox:"Ok....they're gone....let him out" (The...
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    WFW Merrython:The Night HE Came Home

    (Format: 30 second promo commercial) (From a black screen a bell tolls quietly in background.After 3rd toll a louder,minor keyed bell tolls once with each caption) Caption: 10 years ago.... (Red letters on Black Background) Video: a montage of current events circa early 90's Vox: 10 years...
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    Howdy Ho.....and stuff....

    I feel like I'm in a confesional reading some of you guys' posts but I think I have a lot of ya beat....It's been over 10 years since I've done any RP in wrassling but I got my start on Prodigy with PaulNJ21 in the old NGEN. I don't like to brag much but heeldom in RP-land owes alot to The Noble...

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