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    Grand Tour Wrestling - Inaugural Show, Maiden Voyage News, Zefside

    A lot of information came out today regarding Grand Tour Wrestling and their upcoming Maiden Voyage Tour. After news dropped of the signing of their sixth wrestler (Xander) to a Debut Contract, Kenneth Niedermayer, Head of Media Relations, announced during a radio interview that...
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    Site Advertising

    I was just wondering if there were any kind of requirements to getting your fed logo put up at the top of the forums with those other feds? I know Grand Tour Wrestling isn't a household name in e-fedding, as we're still rather new on the scene, but I figure no publicity is bad publicity, and we...
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    Grand Tour Wrestling - House Show #3 In The Record Books

    Over 13,000 fans gathered at the Wells Fargo Arena in Tempe, Arizona tonight, to witness the third House Show presented by Grand Tour Wrestling. For weeks, they have been building interest through these House Shows, introducing their fans to the faces of the staff and locker room, with each...
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    Grand Tour Wrestling Looking For More Talent

    Having been open for nearly a month, Grand Tour Wrestling is still seeking wrestlers to fill the roster for their upcoming Maiden Voyage Tour. Two house shows have already been posted, and we will continue to produce them until we have a sufficient roster size to start our first tour...
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    Grand Tour Wrestling - Second House Show Results Posted

    After a bit of a hiatus due to staff vacations, Grand Tour Wrestling is back with their second House Show, which was held at the Tucson Convention Center in front of a crowd of 8,348. During the first show, GTWrestling fans got their first taste of action, and their first look at Cadence Creed...
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    Grand Tour Wrestling holds their first House Show

    Earlier this evening, Grand Tour Wrestling had the pleasure of holding its first live event in front of a 4,000+ crowd in Scottsdale, Arizona. Two GTWrestling stars made their in ring debuts for the company, successfully showcasing exactly what the company has to offer in terms of talent and...
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    Grand Tour Wrestling Now Open!

    Grand Tour Wrestling is a ROLEPLAY based fed, with some angling involved (just like most other RP feds). GTWrestling blends professional wrestling action with MMA format matches, with shows running bi-weekly. There is a 1RP minimum/2RP maximum per show. GTWrestling also strives to focus on the...
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    New Kind of Hybrid Fed Idea

    Okay, so bear with me, as I've already found this difficult to explain over AIM. I'm not 100% sure I actually want to try this, but I thought I'd at least fire it out there to see what people think. If it's a good idea, great. If it's a pointless, dumb, only going to cause me a headache idea...

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