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    Anyone interested in fantasy baseball?

    I was thinking about starting a league through yahoo. If I can get enough people interested who are willing to be active I will start a league. It will be free of course so if you want to either reply here or send me a PM. I'd say we would need at least 10 people to make it interesting.
  2. J

    Fantasy Baseball

    anyone doing any Fantasy Baseball? If so, anyone have a free league I could join or anything?
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    After about the fifth time reading, I finally understand what Erik Mateo is saying...YES! Sorry just had to say that. Thanks for listening.
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    If anyone ever needs to talk to me for whatever reason my AIM is JGray44. If you have AIM please reply so i can add you to my contacts.
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    Whats up peoples...

    So it has been a solid 8 years since i have done anything related to fantasy wrestling but please bare with me while i get back into the swing of things. Glad to be here.
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    Derrick Allen

    Handler Name: Joey Gray Handler's e-mail address: jogray44@ymail.com Character's in ring name: Derrick Allen Character's Real Name: Derrick Allen Height: 6’1” Weight: 237 Hometown: South Park area of Seattle, Washington Moveset(Please include at least 15 moves.): DDT Northern lights...

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