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    ew: Stream 3 airs!

    LIVE from an unlisted arena the size of the Barclay?s Center, Stream 3 brings high drama, and low-ball comedy to your eye sockets. Clicky click: http://scottdaviesdesign.co.uk/ew/stream-3
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    LIVE from an undisclosed massive arena: Stream 2!

    Jobbers and fat men who claim to be "more a fan of the indy scene", gather your nachos, bring along your powerade, and avast! Set your eyes upon ew's second show, Stream 2! Stream 2 brings high drama, and low-ball comedy to your eye sockets. Link: http://scottdaviesdesign.co.uk/ew/stream-2/
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    ew: Press Conference regarding the World Title

    Source: http://scottdaviesdesign.co.uk/ew/ One more spot available, then I'll probably close the applications for a while. --- Beer logos and clothing brands litter the wall in a repeated pattern. Taking a seat in front of the sponsors for this coming week?s Stream is Ryan Johnson, a large...
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    ew: Stream 1 is now LIVE!

    Show link: http://scottdaviesdesign.co.uk/ew/stream-1/ The beginning of a wonderful e-fed filled with nice people took place this weekend, and I'd like you to check it out and, if you fancy it, join in with us. We've a discord server, a skype chat, and shows are once a fortnight with 500 word...
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    ew: Entertaining Wrestling - A new Angle fed, microfed, etc.

    Hi All, I've started an efed recently called ew, which stands for Entertaining Wrestling. Here’s the concept: - We have one show every 2 weeks. The show is posted on a Monday. Deadline for submissions is Sunday afternoon (GMT). I’ll post on the forums as deadline approaches just for a final...
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    Hi Everyone, Is there anyone in the position to give me a subdomain w/ mySQL/php access for a Wordpress site/general web design practice? Thanks, Sc00t
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    Stop playing Batman you cunt.

    You heard.
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    Can anyone get a copy of THIS full article for me? (British Journal of Psychiatry...)

    http://bjp.rcpsych.org/content/204/5/341.full?sid=ecfc7395-5925-4fd6-8450-24b224f3857a I wanna read the full thing. Anyone help me out? -sc00t
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    One Guest Writer Wanted for The Hotel

    I'm looking for one writer to come and write a single show (or a series if the concept lends itself to it) to write with me in The Hotel. We would create the concept together, create characters, split segments, and write the whole thing together. The show doesn't need to be based in The Hotel...
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    2 questions:

    How do I change my password? How do I change my signature? Cheer, sc00t
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    The Hotel Returns with a New Webdesign.

    http://hotel.ewmania.com Hi All, I redesigned The Hotel's website this week and have put the new design online for you all to see (and give feedback on, if you don't mind?) along with all of the back catalog for The Hotel. I'm aiming to have a new story up in September, so I will update this...
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    This is it, guys. I'm sick of waiting. You guys haven't fought or bickered or been thrown out of anything in WEEKS. Buck your ideas up.
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    Your Christmas List

    Easy. What do you want? (You capitalist pigs.)
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    Hello. I am joining. Dan will let me.

    Thanks Dan for accepting this, my application to join j0lt as Phoenix Rose. I appreciate it. If you could PM me all the details I'll need then that would be amaze-balls. -sc00t
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    TWF Beta Test v1.0 - Card Released!

    TWF is proud to announce its first card, Beta Test v1.0! Coming to you LIVE on September 30th. Here is details of the card and rundown of the schedule leading up to the event. Luscious Vs Savior Tim Worthington Vs Rex Swinghammer Jackson Vs Bobby Dean Main Event Pat Gordon Jr & AKA Vs Bad...
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    Twitter Wrestling Fan Zone Twitter Account Launches!

    TWF have launched their super-fan Twitter page. The page is set to stream results LIVE as they happen at each TWF event and will be run by a member of the Board of Directors. The Twitter account is also set to release news & rumours on upcoming events, current roster members, and more. In a...
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    Looking for a website with a raft of wrestling move video resources

    There used to be a website, I don't know if it still exists, where you could find a video clip of loads of wrestling moves. I believe you could check out, say "top rope attack" and it'd give you a list of moves available from that position, for example. Does anyone have a resource I could use...
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    Coming soon: eWrestling in 140 characters or less.

    Coming Soon: Twitter Wrestling Federation TWF is an e-fed for the new era. Utilizing New Social Media the TWF aims to provide eWrestlers lacking in time but with minds filled with ideas a place to play their favorite text-based game. TWF is a roleplay based e-fed with a twist; all roleplays...
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    Useful fed head resources/websites/etc

    I'm in the midst of designing a website for someone and I came across this app: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/wrestling-belt-creator/id515346139?mt=8&affId=1758689 It made me think... in this day and age, there must be so many apps/stock images/free coding/etc out there that we're all missing...
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    The Hotel Presents: Loc

    http://hotel.ewmania.com/release/latest.shtml A triumphant return to business for The Hotel, and with it... an orgy of violence and the reopening of a story once started. Prior reading recommended: Lockdown I: http://hotel.ewmania.com/release/251106.shtml Please can I get some feedback on the...

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