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  1. Manson

    It's Over and Done With

    This might be anti-climatic, but with Wrestlebowl posted I'm going to say that Michael Manson is now officially retired from FW. -mike
  2. Manson

    Curtain Call

    (CUTTO: B/W footage of the NFW's inaugral Random Rumble where ARES turns around, having cleared the ring only be nailed with a chairshot by MICHAEL MANSON, making his NFW debut.) (CUTTO: MANSON pushing a shopping cart at a manical pace with PAT BLACK lying inside at BANNED 4 LIFE and gleefully...
  3. Manson

    Let's actually discuss NFW Crash

    I mentioned having a roundtable for cards and would be a hypocrite if I didn't start a thread for one. I also can't sleep and am afraid to since last night I had a dream about nothing. But anyway, NFW Crash. Felix versus Doc- Ladder Match Manson versus Yori Maggot versus Kin Ryan versus...
  4. Manson

    Mike Manson's Near Death Experience!

    (FADEIN: MICHAEL MANSON jobs at twilight through his vineyard. CUTTO: Manson building a house, then letting the homeless live in it. Then he laughs whent he house falls down on them. CUTTO: MANSON pouring ground pez into a protein shake and drinking it back. CUTTO: MANSON at a firing range...
  5. Manson

    The Neon Death of a Dream

    (FADEIN: Downtown Tokyo at night. Flashing and flickering technicolor lights and glowing neon signs. Japanese people wandered up and down the streets in herds with sparkly hair and waving glow-sticks. Fireworks go up in the sky displaying dragons made of rainbow fire. CUTTO: A top floor bar...
  6. Manson


    Jon Katz has obviously experience spiritual enlightenment pertaining a hookah pipe that has elevated him to a higher phase on the astral plane than I. Thus, Crash is still not finished, but I'm mindful of the time you've all been waiting. So I'll throw this out: 1) Either we all still wait for...
  7. Manson


    ((FADEIN: A Japanese hospice. 2 Japanese doctors are arguing.)) DOCTOR#1: What have you done? DOCTOR#2: He's on so many painkillers right now, we confused the prescriptions. DOC#1: But the dosage was too strong...and he's still taking it! DOC#2: Apparently, he's no stranger to pills...
  8. Manson

    The Quintessential Dragon

    ((FADEIN: NFW World Heavyweight Champion, ULTRATITLE 2005 Champion, The Man More Exciting Than Jesus, The American Alien, MICHAEL MANSON crouches down. He is wearing the new "President Manson" t-shirt with himself sketched as Uncle Sam in a red, black, and white outfit and Willy Wonka-like Top...
  9. Manson

    NFW East Cast and Crew

    Again for reference, this is the cast and crew of the NFW Eastern Conference. SETTING: The FZM Arena, which is located just outside of Tokyo, Japan. The real name of the arena is the Emperors Arena, and it's a first-rate estbalishment, built to American standards for the influx of tourism and...
  10. Manson

    Character Bio's

    This is for everyone's reference, roleplayers and cardwriters alike. If you've updated your bio or anything, write that in. This is also acting as a role call, meaning you're signing up for all 12 weeks, because Jon doesn't want to go recruiting again. If you want to keep your entrance a...
  11. Manson

    Labors of Kings

    ((FADEIN: "The Man More Exciting Than Jesus", the NFW East Champion, the NFW World Heavyweight Champion, and now the ULTRATITLE CHAMPION, the American Alien, the World's Finest Wrestler, MICHAEL MANSON. He sits quietly indian-style on a bench in the bowels of an arena. His head has been stapled...
  12. Manson

    The HoH Must be Overthrown

    ((RAYNE stands at the kitchen table, speaking directly into the camera.)) RAYNE: I have decided that Marc is inadequate as Head of the Household. He has nominated me for eviction, and everyone is not that fond of freeze tag. Therefore, I demand I not be evicted, so as that Marc can be...
  13. Manson


    Gone until the 16th. -mike
  14. Manson


    Gone until the 16th. -mike
  15. Manson


    ((FADEIN: After CRASH, in blackness, MICHAEL MANSON, his head newly stitched and without bandages, still wears his ring gear as he sits in a wheelchair.)) MANSON: I sometimes wonder why I still keep this thing around. Then again, many people probably wonder why I keep all the things I...
  16. Manson

    NFW fears MANSON

    ((FADEIN: MICHAEL MANSON, in new "NFW FEARS MANSON" and "NFW EAST" ballcap and leather pants stradles a couch in the posh office space of the NFW EASTERN CONFERENCE located on a floor of CASTOR V STRIFE Productions Headquarters.)) MANSON: For awhile, I considered "The NFW is Mike Manson's...
  17. Manson

    The NFW EAST

    ((FADEIN: A large crowd of papal folk, cardinals and priests, deacons and bishops, in suits and jackets, each with a priestly collar. Several have ornamated canes, others with rosaries and crucifixes. All sit in an area of folding chairs. In front, a large screen with a conference table. MEL...
  18. Manson


    ((FADEIN: MICHAEL MANSON, in black jeans and dress shirt, sitting on a lounge chair with a clipboard stacked with a contract in front him. He checks it up and down with one of those annoying laser pointers and then flashes it at the camera.)) MANSON: Ah yes, religous-themed invasions and...
  19. Manson

    After all this time....

    ((FADEIN: MICHAEL MANSON, bloodied, scarred, his shirt and pants torn, and he sits alone on a stone bench. MANSON reaches up with his right hands and flicks off a few fingernails with his left. He raises his head, and he smiles, his teeth stained with blood.)) MANSON: Does anyone ever learn...
  20. Manson

    While We're Waiting

    V/O: While we wait for the NFW season to begin, MICHAEL MANSON, free from his commissionary duties, has sought to spend his free time in varous capacities. After turning down several "Don't Do Pez" commercials, he struck up a friendship with actor CHARLIE SHEEN while filming a "Make Pez, Not...

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