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    Booking Info (Escape)... Wait... Wrong Forum

    **Fade in... Jessie and Lance sit next adjacent to one another facing a silver stereo away from the camera. Lance has his black tank top with torn blue jeans. Jessie, on the other hand, has on a black SpongeBob Squarepants T-shirt with Khakis. They're listening to a tape of their band Escape...
  2. J

    Nice "JOB"

    (OORP: lol. it's cool, dude, didn't notice until you said something actually. I just put my names in caps as if I were special :) ) **Fade in... A dark night in the middle of the streets of Charleston. In the distance is an expensive local hotel. Cut to a closer scene of the outside on the...
  3. J

    YES! It is... THE ROBE!

    **Fade in... Lance sitting on the sofa of Lance's home with Cassie next to him. This time he is clad in a tight black wifebeater with torn blue jeans. Cassie next to him is wearing a white shirt and black jeans.** Well, well, well... since you addressed Cassie and myself... I'm addressing you...
  4. J

    LIEZURE vs. Cross

    No worries! **Fade in... Lance is sitting at an expensive, dark, hardwood dinner table. This time it does look to be Lance's home. He has a plate of food sitting before him with the silverware set nicely and in order with a black pair of drumsticks next to him.** No worries whatsoever! My...
  5. J

    Attention Deficit Disorder

    Hey...HEY...HEY! **Fade in... Lance snapping his fingers into the camera!** A.D.D.?! A.D.D.?! Heelllooo?? Can you hold your attention to the point at hand for maybe one minute? Or has the A.D.D. already rotted away your brain.... or maybe it's the alcohol. **Lance is clad in a black...
  6. J

    Well... Well... Well...

    **Fade in... Close up view of what looks to be a bass drum of a drum set. The set has a perfect circle cut in the lower half of it. Above the whole is the word "Escape" in a lightning deco. Each letter is sharp with lightning circling the letters. The camera pans back to see the whole Blue...
  7. J


    **Fade in.... The outside of the mansion home of Lance Liezure. It's quiet. The dark brick walls stand silently next to the car port which holds under it Lance's 2002 Silver Chevy Cavalir. After a few moments, a van with a CSWA logo on each side pulls up to the driveway. A CSWA camera crew...
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    **Fade in.... 12:47... Lance is just pulling his 2002 Chevy Cavalir into his hotel room in Kansas City...far from his home in Florida, in appearance and distance. He opens the car door and steps out. Immediately two CSWA fans recognize him and come running over. Both fans holding brand new...
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    Blood of my Blood

    **Fade in..... The two broken pieces of a skateboard lie on the floor. The camera pans up to see Lance Liezure lying on a bed, fuming. The doctor is standing over him applying the final bandage to Lance's forehead.** Doctor: Okay. That looks to be about it. **The doctor turns and exits out of...
  10. J

    Now You've Done It......

    **Fade in..... A tall man in a black, hooded robe with face painted white is skating across the sidewalk of some post card neighborhood in the middle of the night. Only the dim light of the street lights as his guide he weaves in and out of the sidewalk and street between trash cans and other...
  11. J

    It Starts!

    **Fade in..... Once again the scene begins outside of Lance's familiar mansion. Still a peaceful scene. Only Lance's Red Corvette in the driveway this time. NO company. The scene outside the house remains peaceful this time....but inside..... Cut to Lance's room. 'Bodies' by Drowning Pool...
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    Brand New Beginning!

    **Fade in..... The scene opens to the freshly cut lawn of the mansion with which we are all familiar.....The home of Lance Liezure. A quiet, calm, peacful scene. Birds chirping, sun shining, and an all around happy place. Until...... The front door bursts open! Out runs Alexis in tears. She...

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