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    Hi ive just signed up to premium hosting so i could use the Fantastico, but it wont let me, is this still in use?
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    EW Social Networking site

    http://www.empirewrestling.ning.com/ Empire Wrestling is a new Social Networking site for everyone involved with E-wrestling. We are currently in our beta stage looking for Promotions and Members to come and try us out and see how it all works. In a way its like like facebook, but designed...
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    The SCW seeking new talent to Expand.

    Fed Name: Sin City Wrestling (www.sincitywrestling.com) Year Opened: 2006 (as Elite World Wrestling) became Sin City Wrestling in 2008 Real or Original wrestlers: Strickly Originals Why you should join us: We have an insanely dedicated staff and a proven track record of solid shows and...
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    WWEmpire to Return

    The World Wrestling Empire First opened its doors around 2 years ago under the ownership of one Colby Barlow. Mr Barlow made WWEmpire into a steady Promotion with around 20 workers under his belt with the likes of Syko Stek, Chris Sears and the dark Knight Able. After around 5 month WWEmpire...
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    NGW Seeking Members and Paid Staff

    Welcome To NGW, i would just like to give you all an introduction of who i am and what my goals are with New Generation Wrestling. I Chris Styles have been in the efederation (World) for over 6 years now most of it as a staff member Of Gm. My Biggest Rule to date was at an efed named EWW which...
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    Elite World Wrestling Recruiting.

    Elite World Wrestling is looking to add to its Roster Talent. EWW has been going since October 2006 and is run by myself and the owner Cameron Blake. We have a weekly show and themed Monthly events with the help of our Dedicated staff. We are looking for Experianced Roleplayers who show...
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    Paul Burchill

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    New Xtreme Wrestling

    NXW Was Formally Named wwempire Until This Month. Formally owned By Colby Barlow The Federation ran as wwempire for a year. With the Help Of myself and others The empire Started to grow. We had some great Rpers and had great Events. In june this year Colby barlow Decided To take a Break and...

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