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  1. King Bear

    There's Always Time for Culture, Chesterpot

    Houseshow – July 27-28 – Night 2 – David Tui v Felix Red (FADE IN: Posh art gallery.) The classical sounds and sensations that we all experience when we hear a concerto from early 14th century France goes through David Tui. He is dressed to the nines; a yellow La Coste polo and navy slacks...
  2. King Bear

    Pick Me a Winner

    (FADE IN: Once again we find ourselves in the office of Steve Zestewicz, wrestling agent extraordinaire. One of his newer clients, David Tui – NFW Rookie & Fijian Phenom – is flanked by his entourage and is sitting forward in his seat. Zestewicz’ brow is furrowed, his hands in front of his...
  3. King Bear

    Tuisms - I

    "Before one becomes the King, he must have a castle to rule." - 'The King' David Tui --- (FADE IN: The starry night sky is filled with brilliant stars and soft, fluffy clouds. Not rain clouds, cause those suck and aren’t comforting. These clouds are the way you’d want your pillow to feel...
  4. King Bear

    Early in the Mornin', Got to Make Some Ruckus

    (FADE IN: Bill “the Zestwich” Zestewicz sat at his desk, typing away at his keyboard. It was late at night, so he was listening to the iPod his son got him for Christmas. As he jammed away to his Crosby, Stills, & Nash classics, he began to fade out. As he did, his head slumped down a bit.)...
  5. King Bear

    King Tui

    MEMBER INFORMATION: Name: Hollan Email Address: hdavis5@mail.com AIM/Yahoo Messenger: HBomb017 (AIM) Preferred Method of Handling: FW Promo Best Way to Contact you: PM WRESTLER INFORMATION: Name: David Tui Nicknames: The King, The Royal Warrior, The Kickin’ Ass King, The Punisher from the...
  6. King Bear

    The Coronation

    In history, we find groups of people that come together not for safety or shelter, but for domination. The Turks. The Persians. The Greeks. And so on. One group, from the island of Fiji, had been together for hundreds of years – maybe more. This group of people were known throughout Fiji and the...
  7. King Bear

    You'd Never Guess it, but I'm Back!

    hey friends, I don't know if anybody remembers the Austrailian giant from v1.0, but that was me (Gaige Caldwell =P). Anywho, I'm following all of my new friends(Obinna, Kris, Hunchblack) and old(KVC, Lindz, Katz) to NFW-land once again, this time as a character that should be a lot of fun...
  8. King Bear

    The Return

    Hey gang, I know it's hard to return after not even having debuted yet, but hey - this is what I do. I set standards. So as of now, I'm back up and running and in a new state(Indiana). Sorry for anything I missed, won't happen again.
  9. King Bear

    I forgot the snacks!

    what's up sissyfaces? I'm Hollan and I handle Class Act, a tag new to the glory and greatness that is EPW. I was in NFW for a flash(hence the username*points to Gaige_Caldwell*)and also handle in PRIME at the moment(new guy, nobody important). You should also know that... I uh... like to...
  10. King Bear


    Hey folks, My name's Hollan, and I'll be handling a character in the West, "The Rage" Gaige Caldwell. I hope I hit the ground runnin' in this one, I'm really excited to join up and see what happens. I used to handle Greg Davis in fWo, so maybe you remember that(No? Well, I tried.:) )...

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