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    Jolt Show Thread!

    I will try to post every Jolt show here with a small preview with a link to the show itself. Don't miss out on Jolt action! If I miss a show..anyone else is free to do the same.
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    Beast of a Dream

    This thread is the continuation of the altercations between Sylo and Marcus Davis during the UltraTitle Tournament. Note: Marcus Davis V2 defense of the BHC Heavyweight Championship on June 5, 2012: Marcus Davis (O) v Kazuhiko Hokama (X) via Submission (Kubi Jippa) [22:15] We open to...
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    Rituals of Puroresu Jisei

    We open to a room lit only by candles. The Japanese Icon Kiyomori sits kneeled in front of a small mirror, which only captures his face. His hands are in front of him in a prayer formation for a few moments as he seemingly meditates, he is dressed his typical ring attire minus the kamishimo that...
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    My Dreams, Your Nightmare

    This is what the wrestling community has been buzzing about, this is where wrestlers from all around the globe are coming to define a legacy, raise their star, or affirm their egos. One hundred twenty eight competitors are all going to have one goal in mind, why else would they risk...
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    Court of Champions

    My new radio show running Wednesday's 6-8 PM EST. My first guest was NWA DAWG Champion "Mid Atlantic Bad Ass" Damien Wayne. http://courtofchampions.podomatic.com/
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    House Shows!

    Tuesday, November 15, 2011 Challenge Stadium, Perth, Australia Opening Legends…. Have to begin somewhere… Several thousand had packed into the Challenge Stadium to see the stars of ACW and some local talent attempt to reach their lofty goals. Missing are the stage hands, the...
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    World Wide Wrestlecide 11.03.11

    The Revolution Has Begun! With the new comes the old… Things have changed… The time has come to make a difference… ACW.COM & Partners Present! WORLD WIDE WRESTLECIDE LIVE FROM Traeger Park, Alice Springs, Australia ***************************************************...
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    Wrestling Articles!

    Hey Peeps, I'm a bit new around here, currently apart of ACW and LoC. I recently began my first excursion into wrestling editorials, I will keep a list of them here. If you have any comments, feel free to throw them up on the blog...
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    Tournament Interest Level?

    Hello, I'm wondering what would the interest be in a tournament I was thinking of hosting called the, "Youth Super Junior Tournament 2011" the premise of the tournament would be for young wrestlers (225 and below and preferably under 30) to come together in New York for a tournament to see who...

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