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    PROMO JAPAN - Roster Spots Open

    LINK - PROMO*JAPAN As you might guess, Promo Japan (P*J) is a Japanese based efed. However, we are quite a bit different from your every day efed as we try to recreate the actual Japanese wrestling experience, both in ring and promo style. We are also a semi-mostly booked fed, your "media...
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    http://www.jimsardonic.com/projap/events/gpc2006/gpc020406a.htm Hey all, you might remember me as Tyrone Walker of Empire Pro or EUWC. Well, I have recently opened an Japanese epuro fed called PROMO*JAPAN (short for Pro-Wrestling of Japan). I have waited to advertise all over the net until such...
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    The One That Will Not Get Away (WWC title)

    The One That Will Not Get Away http://www.shootangle.com/bwr/roleplays/walker06.htm Still heavily related to EUWC.
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    "Just thinking, man, just thinking..." -- Greer

    [Welcome to that oh-so-wet slow fade, baby. This is how we do it, it's how we've always done it. Team Danger giving that underground, old-school love. Cue it.] [Slow fade up.] "Is this all there is?" [We find Stephen Greer, hero of all heroes, sitting at a bus stop. It's pitch black, which...
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    [Problem] Stevie CAN NOT Post on the boards!

    Can someone fix this? Because how's he supposed to post when his login won't let him post at all...and he followed those gay instructions Merritt has for new people, which sucks because only unless he sets it up for them... If he reads this, CHANGE THE ****ING POLICY!!! People can't wait for you...
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    Hey Paul...

    Have you heard of this group in Australia named Hunter Valley Wrestling Alliance? Those guys rock out like nobodies business, best wrestling I've seen in a looooong time. For all the lurkers out there with broardband internet, check 'em out at: http://www.hvwaonline.com Go to the Music Video...
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    Matt (and Moh, Wempy, etc), I'm not sure if you got my message about it, but I changed my email to spankyj79@new.rr.com save it for only a little while as you know I'm moving out west (in just a couple months, Viva Las Vegas!!). James - Damn the man and his spam mail!
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    Memoriam - Chad Dupree (Birthday today)

    Chad's birthday is/was today. For those of you who remember him, raise a toast or share a prayer in his honor tonight. James - Mr. Main Event owned!
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    [movie] SAW

    Have any of you seen this film? Friggin' awesome stuff people, seriously check it out if you haven't. I haven't finished watching a movie and liked it this much since Kill Bill Vol. 1 James - Two Thumbs Up
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    [movie pimp] SAW (go get it now)

    Bottom line people, rent this shxt if you ain't seen it and if you did see it at a cineplex, rent that shxt anyway. Motherfxxked up movie IMO and god damn awesome, again IMO. Considering most movies that come out don't reach nearly the potential or hype, this one was pretty close IMO. Much...
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    I want my EUWC!

    Where is it, Matthew? Hurry up, I mean, damn... ;) James - Damn
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    3PW - Now Accepting Applications

    Give it a look see, if you like what we're trying to do, then give me a hollar. LINKAGE -- http://www.shootangle.com/bwr/3pw/ Here's the app form, email is listed inside: http://www.shootangle.com/bwr/3pw/app.txt James - Currently of EUWC (on hiatus) - Formerly of EPW

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