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  1. SPC Femrite

    Damian Stone

    Name: Damian Stone AKA: "Dangerous," "The King of Xtreme," "The One Winged Angel" Height: 6'8" Weight: 275 From: Columbia, MO Allingment: Face Theme: One Winged Angel (Final Fantasy VII Advent Children) followed by Loose Yourself by Eminem Basic Apperance: Andrew "Test" Martin's build with...
  2. SPC Femrite

    Read Wall St. First...This one's called "Gone"

    [[It was susposed to be over. No more wrestling in the ring. No more taking steel chair shots to the cranium anymore. No more thiry foot drops from the top or through some God-awful cage match to the ground, ring, or stacks of tables and whatnot below. No more worrying about how many times I had...
  3. SPC Femrite

    Thank you US Wall Street...

    [Darkness] "Damian? What have I been telling you? I've told you once and I'll keep telling you: you have to protect that damn leg of yours!" "Yea boss. I know. I just thought..." "Wait...did you just say think?" [laughter] "Yea. I guess I did. I forgot that I pay you to do that...
  4. SPC Femrite


    Yea, I'm suprised that Dan let me back in here....:D Hope to see yall later. Karsten (yes, THAT Kasten. You know, the one who handles Damian Stone...)
  5. SPC Femrite

    Hello to Everyone

    Hello. For those who have never met me, my name is Spc. Femrite, K. I am currently stationed in Kuwait and am now unemployed as far as the E-wrestling circut is concerned. I am looking for a new place to hang my hat. I WILL (important part there) be coming in as "Damian Stone" for those who have...
  6. SPC Femrite


    Some of you might know me. My name is Karsten Femrite. Most know me as Damian Stone. I have been interested in getting back into E-Wrestling but because of commitments...Army mainly and my next tour in Iraq, I think that getting back into this isn't going to happen. So, I was hoping to just see...

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