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  1. JLevinson


    Hey, just a heads up, I'm going to be traveling in Germany from Tuesday the 25th until Tuesday October 2nd. And I'm not saying that I absolutely won't RP, but.. uh... I'm gonna go ahead and speculate that my quality might fall off a little. So. Yeah. I'll try to sneak some stuff in. Sorry...
  2. JLevinson

    The Empire In My Hands

    (FADEIN to the locker room post-Aggression 67. Anarky is slumped up against a locker, his facepaint smeared all over his face. The EPW Television Title is draped over his shoulder. He's smiling.) ANARKY: "Can you hear that, Dan... ? That... my employer... is the sound of the Empire's sun...
  3. JLevinson

    Chaos in the New World

    (FADEIN to a black background with a pulsating, dripping blood anarchy logo. It fades in and out with the sound of a beating heart. They both fade off... CUTTO: Anarky, sitting on a stool in an otherwise empty room. The walls are bare. His face is missing his usual skull facepaint. He’s...
  4. JLevinson

    The End is the Beginning is the End

    (FADEIN to an almost entirely empty locker room, long after the crowd has gone home. Slumped up against a wall is Anarky, who hasn't changed. The remnants of the mist can be seen on his face. He is, oddly, smiling.) ANARKY: "In my first match in Empire Pro Wrestling... I lost a match to a...
  5. JLevinson

    Just wanted to say...

    ... I'm not sure I've ever seen a more active group of RPers put up a better bunch of RP's than happened for this PPV. Admittedly, I am pretty sheltered in EPW, but nonetheless, I gotta say, I found myself reading RP's in everybody's threads, and I don't think a single person mailed it in...
  6. JLevinson

    Lack of RP

    I just wanted to apologize for the lack of RP for the card, I didn't go a very good job managing my time and have been working nights and weekends for the last two weeks and I just lost track of time, so I'm sorry about that. I'll try to do a significantly better job in the future, especially...
  7. JLevinson

    Evolution of an Empire

    (FADEIN to a nearly empty bar somewhere in New Haven, Connecticut. The place is run down with graffiti and carvings all over the wooden walls and tables. Sitting at the end of the bar is Anarky, drinking an Elm City Lager out of a can. He takes a long swig and then speaks to seemingly nobody...
  8. JLevinson

    Starting and Ending RP's

    Am I the only one who has a tremendously difficult time with the beginnings and ends of RP's? Sometimes I feel like it's flowing pretty good, but I generally will spend an extraordinary amount of time trying to "end" an RP right, with something snappy or clever or poignant, and I think...
  9. JLevinson

    Redesign Feedback

    Overall I really like the new redesign, much more professional, much cleaner, integrated main page. Definitely a huge improvement. My only criticism is that the header is kind of... enormous. Between the top menu, the logos for the leagues, and the "upcoming events," that is an extremely...
  10. JLevinson

    Burden of the King... ?

    (FADEIN to an empty locker room long after the fanfare has died down at Unleashed. Sitting on a bench, the EPW World Heavyweight Title draped over his shoulder, is Anarky, his head down, apparently exhausted.) ANARKY: “One split second is all it takes. The difference between a shoulder up...
  11. JLevinson

    Can't Mark Forums Read

    Every time I try to mark the forums read through "Forum Actions --> Mark Forums Read" I get an error: Your submission could not be processed because a security token was invalid. I tried logging off and logging back on, no change.
  12. JLevinson

    Ascent of the King

    (FADEIN to an empty ring we've seen many times before in a run-down gym somewhere in Hartford, CT. The lights are low. Standing in the corner of the ring is Anarky, staring at the center of the ring.) ANARKY: “Is this what it's come to, Empire Pro? Is this the culmination of the greatest...
  13. JLevinson


    How f*cking awesome was that movie. Seriously. It boggles my mind how anybody couldn't enjoy this film. Best one I've seen in a long, long time.
  14. JLevinson

    Hey Billy!

    Mastodon slayed. I don't think they missed a note all night. Baroness was also spectacular and insanely tight. Oh, and Valiant Thor was pretty hilarious and awesome, too. Way to miss a great show for your precious "education," sucker!
  15. JLevinson

    FWC Year End Awards?

    So.. uh... you think we should setup some Year End Awards or something? Just for FWC... y'know how we like to be insulated from the madness! Just curious if anybody has any interest.. maybe figure out a way to gather up some categories, make a few nominations, get something going. Or we could...
  16. JLevinson

    "Electric" Eddie Patton

    Name: Eddie Patton Height: 5'11" Weight: 223 lbs. Hails From: Gary, Indiana Music: "Thunderstruck" by AC/DC Physical Appearance: Pretty lightweight, lean and muscular. Clean shaven. Close, short, black hair. Bright blue eyes. Ring Attire: Wears dark blue wrestling pants with a yellow...
  17. JLevinson

    Knives Out

    (FADEIN to a small pool of blood on blank gray concrete. It's still wet. A drop hits it and it spreads. And another. And another. The camera pans out and we see Anarky slumped over on a bench, a medical trainer behind him. The trainer is pulling out pieces of glass and tacks from his back...
  18. JLevinson


    Name: Anarky (Real Name: Harold Fiano) Height: 6'0" Weight 231 lbs. Hometown: Hartford, Connecticut Face/Heel: Heel Appearance: Black leather t-shirt with scrawled anarchy symbol on the back, ripped from years of use. Black sleeveless t-shirt with blood red dripping anarchy symbol on...
  19. JLevinson

    The Wrestler

    Just saw it in the theaters, I highly highly highly recommend it. Rourke put in an unbelievable performance, Marisa Tomei was amazingly naked (and with the body of a 20 year old), the backstage stuff was amzing... I really can't say enough. Go see this damn movie if it's playing anywhere near...
  20. JLevinson


    ... what's going on in here? :p

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