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    He's Ready

    *CRACK* So it's going to just hop on outta there? You know what to do, you've seen the movies. Prepare yourself. The scene comes into focus, and we see former non-champion wrestling jobber Rob Franklin, along with his newest student, a medium sized man in a golden mask. The masked man has a...
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    Anyone remember this guy?

    ? I was a regular here back in or around 2007? I'm thinking of making an e-fedding return, as I was wondering if anyone here would take me. :o
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    RP Feedback

    I was wondering if i could get some brutally honest feedback on my latest RP from those of you that have read it? I absolutely liked it. I liked the flow, and I honestly think it's one of my best to date. What do you guys think?
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    Team Franklin's Official Site is up and running!

    The link is in my sig, check it out! I look forward to seeing what I can do to incorporate this into my RPs. Whatdaya think?
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    Let us all.....

    Conversate. Dead boards are sooooo last year.:D
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    Mike Awesome...dead

    Former ECW world champion Mike Awesome, 41, has passed away. His real name was Mike Alfonso. According to reports, Awesome was found dead on Saturday mornining in the Tampa Area. In addition to working in the U.S., he also worked for FMW in Japan. He will probably be most remembered as the ECW...
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    Getting my blog on.

    So....yeah...I got a blog on e-fedding...for all two of you who actually care....I'm real pumped about it....as you can...um... see.....uh....read it...thanks. http://robfranklin.blogspot.com/
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    Year end awards

    For the start of 2007, Who would be... Most Popular Most Hated Most Watchable/Exciting Breakout Star (Maybe we could try to do this once a month or something.) This was totally stolen from Phenominal in the Empire Pro boards, just wanted to get some discussion going here while waiting...
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    Rob Franklin

    Wrestler Information (MANDATORY) * Wrestler's stage name: rob"the icebreaker" franklin * Age: 19 * Height: 6'0 * Weight:170 lbs * Hometown: detroit, michigan * Alignment - Babyface, Heel, or Tweener: heel that might flirt with being aface every time hes up against a super heel * Entrance...
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    Keeping what is mine. (Pimetime promo #2)

    (The second ever "Pimetime Promo" starts off with a quick clip of last week's Center Stage. Nakita Dahaka defeats Rob Franklin in the match of the night-and therefor SHOULD become FTO champion, right? But as the camera pans out, we see Rob Franklin holding htat very same title grinning in front...
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    Rob Franklin's Roleplays

    I was wondering if I could get some feedback as this is my first time in a fed.
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    3 words fer ya.... We're takin' OVER!
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    NEW E-FED! join up please!

    I am running a new e-fed called CCW. It is a RP based fed that will focus on great writing and storylines. We really need new wrestlers. Visit http://crazycw.proboards77.com/. for more details! E-Mail- robthehotty91@hotmail.com The first to send in wrestlers will get title shots!
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    god's gift to wrestling

    ( an office building,just outside of hollywood. Rob walks in alone and walks up to the desk in the lobby and plops down in a waiting chair. his appointment with a talent agent is soon) secratary- ROB FRANKLIN? rob- yeah? secratary- mr. phillips will see you now rob- alright (rob walks...
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    All Hail

    rob- HI IM ROB FRANKLIN AND I APPROVED THIS MESSAGE voice- we now take you to a high tech gym in Detroit city where Rob Franklin readys for his ring debut rob- if MCW dont take me, somebody else will and i'll dominate there. voice- rob is confident that he can defeat anyone in MCW rob-...

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