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    howdy Alright so its been about a month or so since you last heard from me in any capacity here. I think the only person in the fed that honestly knows I'm still breathing is Justin and that's because I periodically buzz him on AIM and such. Anyways I figured I'd let you know my current...
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    "The Crescent City Kid" Brad Cummings

    Handler Name: Joshua Curtis e-mail: amisbro@gmail.com AIM: Amisbro Skype: Amisbro E-Fed Experience: 17-18 years Wrestler Name: Brad Cummings Nick Name: The Crescent City Kid Height: 6 feet 2 inches Weight: 210 Pounds Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana Personality: Brad is a happy go...
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    Free Agent: "The Beautiful Leopard" JURI

    Handler Name: Joshua Curtis e-mail: Amisbro@aol.com AIM: Amisbro Skype: Amisbro E-fed Experience: TOO LONG!(17-18 years) Wrestler Name: JURI Nickname: “The Beautiful Leopard” Height: 5 feet 5 inches weight: 160 pounds Hometown: Hou’Ou-Shi, Holland Alignment: Face...

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