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  1. klatroz

    C&C Connection | Japan Arc Bookings

    Unfinalized Items are in Italics Show #1 - (C&C Connection) Adrien Cochrane and Vincent Chell vs. ??? Tag Team (??? Tag Team Wins) - Fat Cobra becomes groups Figurehead after crushing defeat Show #2 - Synergistic Cult Segment - Team HOSS vs. C&C Connection (Team HOSS wins) Show #3 - Tres...
  2. klatroz

    Edward White | Japan Arc Bookings

    Proposed Matches in Italics Show #1 - Edward White vs. (MAYBE YOU?) Show #2 - Blood Diamonds Promo - Blood Diamonds vs. Dan Ryan & Python Show #3 - Edward White vs. Eugene Dewey Show #4- Blood Diamonds and CVC vs. CCJ, Dan Ryan and Python Blowoff Show - Edward White vs. CCJ in Gimmick Match...
  3. klatroz

    ATTN: Ladder Match Fags

    Dear Fags in the Ladder Match, Get into the Google Docs and write some stuff for your characters -- or George and I will. And there will be butt stuff.
  4. klatroz

    Hey Guys

    Hey Guys, I'm going to Louisiana for the next couple days. I'm going to be doing some heavy research so I can truly identify with Adrien Cochrane's deep and complex character. This involves drinking, eating crawdads and mardi gras. Avenge my death if I don't return, - William
  5. klatroz

    State of Gilmour

  6. klatroz

    IMPORTANT: Multi-Part RP's

    Srsly, Why are all you faggots (all you faggots being like two or three of you, but I like making blanket statements) posting five part RP's? Obviously you're going over the arbitrary word count but holy fuck, just put it on one link... or two... I'm posting this with only four hours of sleep...
  7. klatroz

    Hey Guys... (Important. Please read.)

    Hey guys, I regret to inform you that I just returned back from my vacation. That's all. Yours Truly, Pharaoh Klatroz P.S. - You're all suckers, each and every last one of you.
  8. klatroz

    Who should I return as?

    Who should I return as? - Edward White - Adrien Cochrane/Vincent Chell - Chris Cannon - Iron Man - The New Avengers (All of them)
  9. klatroz

    **** you, San Diego

    Yeah. I'm back.

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