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  1. Seymour Almasy


    In an effort to inject some hype back into this thing: Jeff Andrews vs. Joey Melton Andrews has done everything he's had to in order to advance this far. He runs into Melton here, who's been phenomenally entertaining throughout this tournament while at the same time never making me feel like...
  2. Seymour Almasy

    ULTRATITLE Rd. 3 Br. 1+2 Unofficial Post-RP Predictions Thread!

    Figured it was time for this to go up! BRACKET 1 Zero vs. Spike Saunders Sean Stevens vs. Jeff Andrews Joey Melton vs. Showtime Cameron Cruise vs. Troy Douglas BRACKET 2 Chris Hopper vs. Pete Whealdon Spooky Doom vs. Orphan Khristain Keller vs. Castor V. Strife The Sergeant vs. Anarky...
  3. Seymour Almasy


    Silly question, I know, but you guys taking apps?
  4. Seymour Almasy

    Jun Nakagawa

    Name: Jun Nakagawa Other Aliases: "Nihonjin Iron," "Iron Gladiator," "the Man of Iron" Gender: Male Height: 6'1" Weight: 226 lbs. Hometown: Iburi, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan Music: "Iron Man" by Black Sabbath Ring Entrance: It was music familiar to most of the night-club, the groaning, metallic...
  5. Seymour Almasy

    Last Words

    (Fade in, to Seymour Almasy, twelve hours or so after he realized he had an NFW West show to go to. He stands in front of a blue screen, since really, no one cares enough to make him a backdrop.) Almasy: Lindsay...looks like you and I are going to be 1-1. I can live with that. You've wanted...
  6. Seymour Almasy

    The Impending Demise of Seymour Almasy

    For Seymour Almasy, retirement was a blissful thing. When you based your gimmick around RPGs, you tended to play them a lot. But being a wrestler meant RPG time got cut into by silly things like matches and working out. NOW, Seymour could play RPGs all day long! And so it was that, on a...
  7. Seymour Almasy

    Hi, quick request.

    I'm in Hawaii until August 11th. Would it be possible to not book me if the next show will be before that date? If it's going to be after, even the 12th, book me. Thanks man, Sean
  8. Seymour Almasy


    Hello everyone. I'm Sean, probably best known for Seymour Almasy in PTC, ACW, and NFW. IManagement's been gracious enough to accept my application, so I am here with my 405 pound sumo, Ozeki. *wave*

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