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    Orlando Grant and Buddy Saxon.

    While I wait for Colin the Crunt to get back to me, anybody fancy a tag team match with Orlando Grant and Buddy Saxon? Doesn't have to be a bona fide tag team, it can be a mismash of two wacky characters who have to work together to find a cure for cancer. Or SOMETHING like that.
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    Orlando Grant vs. Phil Atken [May]

    If Colin the Crunt is agreeable, of course. :) (I know -- I owe you a PM. Soon~!)
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    FADE IN. It was once again the wee hours of the morning, many after one Randall Beetwix had yet another lonely dinner in Tokyo. Returning back to his rented apartment, Randall found himself unable to make an international call to his lovely wife Evelin back in the States. Not because he...
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    Buddy Saxon [version one]

    MEMBER INFORMATION Name: K E-mail Address: lesh.lilani@gmail.com AIM: theantagonist21 Preferred Method of Handling: Anything and everything Best Way to Contact you: PM WRESTLER INFORMATION Name: Buddy Saxon Nicknames: The Bournemouth Boy Height: 6'1" Weight: 225lbs Handedness: Right Looks...
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    Phil Atken, come on down!

    Colin, old buddy, if you happen to read this... let's get some stuff going soon, aye?
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    FADE IN. It was the wee hours of the morning, several removed after Randall Beetwix had made the decision to commence a new chapter in his life. Walking down a desolate road with his hands firmly tucked in the pockets of his black overcoat, Randall was whistling softly. The tune was...
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    LOST; the final season.

    Soooo. Did anybody catch the season premiere? I might be biased, because I love the show to death... but it was awesome. A couple of small questions answered, and a whole new twist on the concept made watching everything unfold such a joy. What did *you* think?
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    Randall Beetwix.

    Well, then, here goes nothing. ########## NAME: Randall Beetwix HEIGHT / WEIGHT: 5'11" / 218lbs CURRENT RESIDENCE: Los Angeles, CA, USA DATE OF BIRTH: 18th December 1966 ENTRANCE THEME MUSIC: "Exit" by The Black Crowes PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: He looks like SilverHAWK from ACW, but with slightly...

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