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    20 Man Blood Bath Match

    Post any promos for the above match below...

    Promos are due by Saturday Oct 30, 2004 at 12:00 noon EST. All in-card promos or strats should be sent to euwc_office@yahoo.com

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    Guess who got left out of the dance...

    (Philadelphia, we come to the studio apartment of Samuel Roundtree. We arrived at his apartment just in time to see a courier leave. We get off the elevator at the 7th floor. We approach and knock on his door...)

    SR: Great...you guys. Well you guys got here at a good time. Pickstock is sending out the contracts to every one who's got a match at Blood Bath. He's lucky this got here today, I just got off the phone with my travel agent to book my ticket to Tokyo.

    (He opens the envelope and starts to read the papers inside...)


    How am I not in the Blood Bath match. That bastard just sent a list of places I'm supposed to show to do publicity.

    (Samuel goes over to his computer and starts typing out an e-mail.)

    Dear Matt,

    I just got your package in the mail and as usual your package was smaller than expected. I assumed you got the memo saying that I was flying to Tokyo, I was going to walk into that cage and I was going to beat the ever loving crap out of everyone who dared to try and take my spot.

    You see, you owe me this match.

    1 year ago I walked into this company saying, I would do whatever it took to make myself and this company the top place on the planet to wrestle. Little did I know that you would take that and use it to screw me out of the opportunity that I deserved.

    Well Matt...

    Times have changed and I'll be damned that I show up at Blood Bath and make sure that every one on your roster pays for my pain. Because all the lies you told, I suffered. On that cold night in Tokyo, I will show you the greatest pain imaginable.

    I will show you and the EUWC lies may cause pain...



    (He shuts the lid down on his lap top and heads towards the door.)

    Now if you don't mind, I have to go and pack...

    (Samuel grabs our cameraman by the collar, walks him towards the door, shoves him out, and slams the door behind him)

    (Fade to Black)

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    (The arena is empty. Evol is sitting in the center of it, looking all around him.)

    Evol: Wow. What a place to be. Me, in a match with some of the EUWC's finest. All for a shot at the World Title. Makes me feel all giddy inside. Giddy in a manly way of course. The 52 Wild championship was just the beginning. This, this is my chance to get that title show that I deserve.

    Evol: All of the other crap means nothing now. Whatever problem I had with Holocaust, no matter how one-sided it may have been is nothing more than a petty squabble. All of my attention will be in this ring with all of the fans cheering their favorites on. If I am to prove that I am number one, that I deserve to win, then I will win the Blood Bath match. This is only the beginning for me.

    (Evol hops up to his feet and exits the ring. Scene ends.)

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    Blood Bath

    (Back from a commericial break, an EUWC Camera is seen focusing in on a man's back as he sits down tying his boots. He is wearing a leather vest that reads "Hell Bent" in fiery letters, with a picture of a rattlesnake sewn in underneath. He turns to the camera surprised to see its presence, as we realize that it is "All Business" Eric McRae, he begins to speak...)

    For most people, the idea of climbing into a ring with 19 other rabid animals ready to tear you apart, 19 of the biggest, toughest SOB's you'd ever see, 19 of the best wrestlers you will ever see, would be suicide. For me, its just Business. It's just another battle for this Texan to fight. Now I'm not foolish enough to tell you that I am going to kick everyone's ass in this match, and eliminate everyone on my own. But I will tell you that no one, and I mean NO ONE...should forget about Eric McRae in this match. Because I will be all over the place, I will be going after anyone in my way, and I will be the last man standing in that ring.

    You see, to get what I want, which is a title shot, I am going to have to be the last man standing. I am going to have to outlast, outsmart, and out-tough 19 other monsters who want the same thing as me. This is the big-time here folks. Everyone wants a shot at that title and everyone knows that short of working your way up the ladder, beating the Stephon Kardell's of the world, this is the only way to get it.

    Now on to another matter, like I said, my entire goal in this match is to be the last man standing and to kick as much ass as I can on my way to doing it. But there is one man, one of those men in that ring that I PROMISE to get my hands on, and its that little British *****...Donny Hall.

    Now little Donny-boy has proved he can talk the talk, but since that first match, I've gone out of my way to get him to walk the walk, but I haven't seen him yet. Everyone knows I'm not a hard man to find, but he doesn't seem to want to look. But after this bull**** tag match is done Donny, the only chance you are going to get at me is at Blood Bath, and we'll see if you even try to take it.

    And I have a funny feeling that Donny-boy doesn't have the balls to face me without his brother whispering in his ear...

    See ya soon you little *****.

    (Camera fades to black)
    "All Business" is coming, and I'M BRINGING HELL WITH ME!

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    Domo Arigato, Mr. Pickstock

    (Philadelphia International Airport, late Wednesday afternoon. One this breezy day we have accompanied Samuel Roundtree to the airport as he prepares to board his plane headed for Tokyo. As we arrive, an assistant meets him at the front of the terminal.)

    Helper: Hello Mr. Roundtree. I've been assigned by the EUWC to help make sure you leave for Tokyo without incident.

    SR: Incident?

    Helper: Sorry sir, Mr. Pickstock just wanted me to make sure that you left for Tokyo as he planned.

    SR: Is Pickstock here? I wanted to speak to the slimy bastard before I left but he never returned my calls.

    Helper: Sorry sir, Mr. Pickstock told me to inform you that with Blood Bath on the horizon, the Chad Dupree tournament, and Main Frame this week, he's extremely busy and doesn't have the time to deal with you...damn.

    SR: Deal with me. Matt Pickstock doesn't want to deal with me. Fine.

    Helper: That's O.K. You're not upset.

    SR: See, I don't get upset. Samuel Roundtree doesn't get upset any more. See I lost a year of my life waiting for a phone call telling me to come back to the company. Day by day, I got angrier and angrier. Then I stopped and thought to myself that blowing up and putting my hands through walls, and hurting people without getting paid for it wasn't doing me any good.

    So, here's the message you can get to Pickstock.

    I'm going to get on that plane without incident.
    I'm going to fly 16 hours to Tokyo without incident.
    I'm going to do all the publicity tours without incident.

    Then when Blood Bath hits from the Tokyo Dome, 58,000 people will be witness to the bloodiest, goriest, exhibition in masochism ever seen in a wrestling ring.

    Then Mr. Pickstock, you'll realize that you lost a lot in that year I was gone.

    And now I'm here to take it back.

    {Samuel walks towards the ticket counter as we head back into the car and leave.}

    {Fade to Black}

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    Ready for a bath fellas?

    (The scene opens in a London, or to be more precise, the tourist-ridden Leicester square. As the camera pans around, we see our subject, Donny Collins, among the mass of people walking around. Donny notices the camera, and stares at it for a second, before approaching and begins to speak, the cold air turning his breath to an icy mist as he does.)

    Donny Collins: The winter has hit hard out here in jolly old England, and the temperature has dropped big time. But I'm not here to give you an over seas weather report, no, we all know why I am here. One, to finish some more business negotiations with Danny, and two, to speak about the upcoming spectacular known as the Blood Bath match.
    Twenty men entering something as dangerous as a steel cage? Sounds like my cup of tea. See carnage is only one of my favourite things, I also like, destruction, pain, and suffering. But that doesn't make me a bad person, it makes me a smart one. Each and every person will be going into that match with the intention of doing harm to anyone who crosses their path, so I have to be no different, because in a match like this, their are no friends, only foes.

    (Donny walks toward a bench near a wall, which is far more secluded then the rest of the area. Donny takes a seat and continues to speak.)

    Donny Collins: Mr. McRae, the Texas "badass". Looks like we have a little problem on our hands, you were embarrassed that I beat you, and now you just cannot let it go, well that's just fine by me. Because after the stunts you have been pulling over the last couple of weeks, you deserve a good beating.
    But being as Texan and "Rough" as you are, you also have a downfall, you're and IDIOT! Jesus christ man, at what age did you leave school? Three? Or maybe you just have attention disorder? Whatever it is, when you make a threat to someone, TRY TO GET THEIR NAME RIGHT! Hell, I have been confused or mistaken for my brother, but never with Don HALL! I mean, I don't know much about the guy, but I know he wowed audiences on many occasions, so really, I see no connection! You're think as two planks of wood mate, so maybe you should stop talking before you hurt yourself.
    In the Blood Bath match McRae, you will get the beating you deserve, I promise that!

    (Donny stands back up again, and puts his hands in his pockets, before shuddering.)

    Donny Collins: As for the rest of you in that match, I will not back down, whether you're PAul Doom, Holocaust, Stephen Greer or "Classy" Mike C, I don't care, I am going in there with a winning mentality, and I will stop at nothing, NOTHING, to win this match, if I have to smash your face into the cage until your face is unrecognisable, I will, if I have claw and bite at you, until you stop moving, I will, basically fellas, I will do everything humanly possible to win this match.
    So now, I guess that whole thing has blown open, because whether you believe what I said or not, you have to admit, Donny Collins is no underdog! See you in the cage guys, oh, and try to have fun.... Because I WILL!!!

    (Donny smiles at the camera and then turns serious once more, before walking up a set of stairs as the scene slowly fades...)

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    (Scene opens up in a closed construction site. Evol is casually walking around, picking up some tools and toying with them. The camera follows him as he makes his way over to an empty oil drum and takes a seat on it.)

    Evol: I do not know if it's me or not, but lately, everybody's sacks seem to be caught in a vise. Take a walk outside, work out, eat yoru favorite snack but for crying out loud, calm down people. All the word in the news about high blood pressure is worrying me. At the rate you all are going at, I won't have anyone to face in the big Blood Bath match because all of you are gonna be lying on the mat, clutching your chests!

    (Evol holds up his hands and places them over his heart, pretending to be in pain. He laughs a bit but quickly puts on a serious face again.)

    Evol: Of course I am not making fun of chest pain. But seriously, you guys are all wound up so tight you could stuff a coal up your collective butts and fart out diamonds. Life ain't about worrying and wondering. It's about taking what you deserve. It's about knowing what you want to get out of life and have the heart to after it with everything you got.

    Evol: I can go on and on about how I am the biggest and baddest like some of you....so I will. Holocaust and I successfully teamed up against the dynamic duo of Paul Dumb and Lord Sissy Pants.

    (He rubs his chin a bit.)

    Evol: I think I have that right. Or maybe it's Paul Bunyon and Lord Crybaby. Either way, Holocaust and I beat them. Or more specifically, I did. I am not discounting Holocaust's obvious skill in the match. He backed up and delivered his end of the bargain in that match. But who pinned Paul Doom? I saw Holocaust wrestling with Lord Tightwad outside the ring. The ref was more like a rodeo clown in that one. Not even a whole army of rodeo clowns could have held that debacle together.

    Evol: In the end, it was I who got the win for us. I was the one who pinned Paul Doom with the Extinction for the 1..2..3. Heck, the ref could have counted to five or twenty and I still would have won. And now it seems those two have their own quarrel to deal with. The match that always makes the two opponents friends afterwards. A Hell in the Cell. If they end up killing each other, it only means that it will make things easier for me down the line. To remove those obstacle will only make my eventual victory that much freakin' sweeter.

    Evol: But I wonder to myself, who should I truly worry about in that match. There are so many but I do have my favorites. Paul Doof and Lord I Can't Win a Match are two of them. AOD is always a sure bet to throw a fit when he loses. True I lost to the next guy on my hitlist, Rocko Daymon, but so did he. That guy is on quite a roll. I might just have to slash his tires after the match. My old bud, "Classy" Mike C. Sorry man, but I can't think of any funny or oddball name for you. We have enough of a history together for me to justify my hating you and wishing you unending bodily harm. Texas Lightning, good to see you back on your feet. Hope you didn't take that crippling injury too personally.

    (Evol hops off the oil drum and walks towards the camera in a stumbling motion.)

    Evol: And now we come to you, Holocaust. The biggest, baddest guy in the EUWC or maybe even the world. Do I have to worry about you? I personally thought that we worked well together even though I completely and utterly showed you up in our match. As I had mentioned before, our beef is over. Still, it nags me to think what would happen if in that match, with eighteen other competitors between us, what might happen if we met? Would the earth shake in anticipation as the titanic battle between you and I would begin? If I am lucky enough, I might just show you up once again. You have to at least try and make it harder for me to to that, man. It's just getting to become too easy.

    Evol: Even after all of you, it is not the match that matters but the reward at the end of the rainbow of blood. The winner will be elevated in the rankings of the EUWC. I can name quite a few that are there and even more than deserve a spot. But I think in order for me to fit up there, I will have to knock down quite a few of you. It's getting too crowded.

    (Evol walks straight into the camera as it fades to black.)

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    Press Conference: Samuel Roundtree

    (Late Friday afternoon, Tokyo Grand Garden hotel, the Blood Bath press conference is about to begin. Our host Shinya Tamaguchi has arrived center stage to start the event.)

    Shinya: Most honourable members of Tokyo press. Hallowe'en night, EUWC bring us great wrestling action. Annual Blood Bath event at Tokyo Egg Dome. Right now, 60,000 fans are waiting in great anticipation of gladiators waging war against each other in hope they become EUWC #1 Superstar.

    Today, I give you, one of the fearsome warriors who dare enter Blood Bath cage match. I give you, Samuel Roundtree.

    Samuel: Distinguished members of the Japanese media, I thank you for your hospitality and gracious hospitality. First question?

    Reporter: Kenta Mutoh, Fuji-1 news...

    Roundtree-san, Blood Bath match your first match in over 1 year. What do you think chances are of winning grand match?

    Samuel: Good yet idiotic question. If I didn't think I had a legitimate chance of winning this match, I wouldn't have entered it. I know every single strength and more importantly ever weakness of all 20 men who will walk into that cage. Tyrone Walker, Stepehn Greer, Angel of Death, Ray Santana and 15 other men will join me in that cage. 19 men will bleed and 1 will survive.

    Next question...

    Reporter #2: Kensuke Hashimoto, Tiger-san World News...

    Since you come to EUWC you complain about people holding you down. Who exactly holds Samuel Roundtree down?

    Samuel: The EUWC was never ready to see a man like me succeed. So all the promoters, bookers, road agents, the other wrestlers...all of them wanted me to fail.

    See, I know about how Japanese wrestling works...the people who run the business over here electrify cages, use C4, use thumb tacks and barbed wire like they are all disposable diapers, in order to eliminate each other. I have watched the video and I see that the EUWC has decided to lower themselves to that. I entered the Blood Bath match as my first step to taking back the EUWC for the wrestlers.

    We have made promoters and owners millionaires by bleeding, bleeding and bleeding some more. That time is OVER!!!!!


    Reporter #3: Um...Um...

    Samuel: NEXT QUESTION!!!

    Shinya: O.K. everyone press conference over....

    Samuel: NO!!!! This won't be over until I say it's over...

    Shinya: Mr. Roundtree, we have to...

    (With that Samuel kicks Shinya in the stomach and lifted him up over his head and threw him into the crowd of reporters. Samuel jumped off the stage and layed into Shinya's head with a vicious battery of left hands, moments later Samuel is pulled of Shinya by a number of the event security.)

    Samuel: IT'S ABOUT ME NOW!!!! IT'S ALL ABOUT ME!!!!

    (The secuirty guards lead Samuel away as the rest of the press corps look on in awe...)

    (Fade to Black)

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    Stephen Greer Rp

    [The outskirts of Tokyo, Japan. The Tokyo Hilton. Yes, it DOES exist. The fourteenth floor, room 1446, the temporary quarters of the manager of greatness, Kelly Evans, and her longtime companion and one half of Team Danger, the "King of Pain" Stephen Greer. The room is particularly tidy, especially considering it's occupants.]

    "No hot water! And why is the damn showerhead so low?! I thought that whole short Japs thing was a myth!"

    [Ahhh, racial stereotypes from the mouth of an angel. The door to the bathroom opens and Greer emerges, wearing a pair of black denim shorts and a black Suicide Machines, Michigan band big in Japan, tee shirt.]

    Greer: Kel, deal with it, we only have to be here another week and then we head back to the States. And what are you even *****ing about? You're five, seven and I'm six foot three. Imagine how my shower went.

    [Muffled from the shower, Evans spits her response.]

    Evans: I'd like to do more than imagine, but you said we weren't allowed to shower together anymore, baby. Your loss, check this out.

    [Greer smirks and closes the door following the seemingly obvious sound of the sliding glass shower door opening and the elated squeak of a soaking wet, perked up blonde revealing her goods in the shower. Greer stands next to the window overlooking Tokyo and begins to mutter to himself.]

    Greer: Never serious, Kel, always ready to play. Well, playtime's over. I can't believe I've gotten myself into this again. Every time I think I'm away, I get dragged back one more time. Every time they give us less respect. We sure put that to rest, huh?

    [Greer smiles, reminiscing of the very recent atrocities he and Team Danger partner, Tyrone Walker, have brought upon EUWC and it's members.]

    Greer: Here in the "Land of the Rising Sun" again and stuck in all of the wrong matches. Samual Roundtree, as simple as he is, made a good point when he spoke of promoting hardcore "grabage" wrestling. Pickstock is too simple and suffers from far too much tunnel vision to put together some REAL matches. Here we are, stuck in stereotypical garbage stipulation gimmick matches. Why? What's the point?

    [Greer turns and leans against the glass door leading to the balcony, absorbing the cold into his flesh just as the glass took it from the air.]

    Greer: I've done these matches way too many times. I am so sick of this. The sad thing of it all is that Pickstock thinks he has us by the balls by putting us in these matches. Tough luck for him. One thing everyone seems to forget is that seperately, way back in 1998, a young Tyrone Walker and Stephen Greer started out in this style, perfecting it to the point that they actually STOPPED putting us in these kinds of situations for a fear of what we would do.

    [Loud giggling is heard from behind the solid oak bathroom door.]

    Greer: Distractions. That's what these matches were. They were all distractions from a goal. In the year 2000, Team Danger was born from the ashes of a forgotten dream, a dream we were integral in destroying. Can we be distracted again? I'm afraid not. We were young then, too naive to know better. As solo acts, we're dangerous. Combined? We're lethal.

    [Again, muffled from behind the door, squaking and giggling can be heard, cutting through the air that is filling with the mist of the forever running hot waterfall that engulfs the body of Kelly Evans.]

    Greer: Distractions. Tables, Ladders and Chairs? Distractions. Ultimately, we will keep what we've already taken, the EUWC World Tag Team Championships. Without those distractions, we can easily dominate and defeat the competition. With them? We'll prove a point that was apparently not understood when we vanquished our enemy before. Discussion has been made of lawsuits against us? I hate to be the harbinger of bad news, but my newly signed EUWC Performer's Contract made me completely free of any legal action for previous transgressions. You want to file your lawsuit, Nero? Go ahead, you're not the first and you won't be the last. Only I'm no longer responsible, the promotion is... and believe me, they've made it very clear the action they would like Team Danger to take against you.

    [Greer opens the door to the balcony and is immediately hit with the sounds of the bustling metropolis that is Tokyo. Car horns, music, chatter and a generalized mechanical hum that is almost a soothing reminder that life exists.]

    Greer: Distractions. The Blood Bath Match. A Steel Cage match where a sole survivor writes his own ticket. Team Danger is already doing that here, but we might as well just take this too. You heard me, I said it, Team Danger will take this. Pickstock made the mistake of putting us both in there. Like I said before, solo we're dangerous, combined we are lethal. Team Danger will enter that cage, dispatch our would-be assassins and take home the prize. The cage itself? We don't need. We are weapons of destruction with no need for the mesh that will enclose us. One mistake our enemies will make is forgetting that not only is the cage a weapon for them, but it is also the structure that will keep them from escaping the absolute horror of our wrath.

    [Greer steps out onto the balcony and leans over the edge, his back turned to the room, he takes the air into his lungs and lets the gentle winds cross his face.]

    Greer: We let ourselves forget why we're doing this. Everyone else? Evol, Roundtree, Stone, Collins, McRae, the rest of the nameless? I don't care why they do this. I've watched the tapes, I've heard them all spit the same five lines incessently and I haven't heard one thing I've cared to remember. I do this because I enjoy it.

    [He takes a step away from the rail and steps back toward the doorway.]

    Greer: I enjoy the money, I enjoy the hatred, the adoration, the lust, the blood. I enjoy hurting the rest because their mediocrity has made me enjoy being better than them. It's something that I've been forced to grow accustomed to. I apologize to the fans of the EUWC for not coming to the playground sooner. For that's what EUWC was before Team Danger arrived complete, a playground full of children with dreams. Well, we're the popular star athletes on the honor roll with all the potential in the world, the rest are the kids picked last. The way we do things? Those kids have to die.

    [Greer stands in silence until a loud crashing is heard, followed by an insane amount of laughter, now coming from two females. He steps to the doorway and looks at Evans, on all fours at the edge of the bed, soaking wet and wearing nothing but a smile.]

    Greer: Kel, we have to meet Ty in half an hour downstairs, think you should dry off?

    [Evans continues to smile and motions for Greer to come closer. As she does so, a young, devastatingly beautiful Japanese girl slithers up behind Evans, allowing her own dripping wet body to rub against the back of Kelly. A smile seems to be her only attire as well for the evening. Of course, save for the slick, wet glisten of water that causes her skin to shine even under the dull hotel room light.]

    Evans: We have plenty of time to dry off after parts of us get a little wetter. Any ideas on how we can make that happen?

    [Greer laughs to himself and gives a sinister smile.]

    Greer: Kel, what I said before still stands. We have to keep this at arm's length.

    [Kel gives a quick pout.]

    Evans: C'mon, Steve, you know you'd love to come and take a taste of this. Look, I even found us some Japanese Cuisine. Isn't that right, Megumi?

    [Evans strokes the face of her young counterpart as she giggles in anticipation.]

    Greer: I guess killing off the weak little kids can wait a bit longer.

    [Greer steps forward as the women prepare to accept him with open arms.]

    [We VERY quickly fade to the darkness.]
    "Arguing over the internet is like Competing in the Special Olympics. Even if you win, you're still retarded."

    "Let's face up to the facts people. You all suck compared to me."

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    (The camera opens on Evol on homeplate of Yankee's Stadium. Next to him is a pile of baseballs, a bat and a mitt. Evol grabs one of the baseballs and lobs it up in the air and whacks it, sending it towards center field.)

    Evol: Now that is a damn good shot right there. I don't know about anyone else but the World Series is starting to look good this year. Both teams are doin' just fine. I am a man who loves sports. It could be wrestling, baseball, football, or even the UFC fights on PPV. Anything like that suits me just fine. But the real reason that I love sports is for one t.v. show. America's Funniest Home Videos.

    Evol: Call me childish but my favorites were when the unsuspecting guy gets nailed in the jewels by sports equipment. The most popular is the football but I've seen golf clubs, baseballs, billiard balls, all meet their targets. It just makes a guy cringe. All of us can understand their pain.

    (Evol walks over to a bench and plops down in it. He grabs a bottle of water and drinks deeply from it.)

    Evol: Sorry about that little tangent there. It happens. Now, Bloodbath is drawing closer and closer every day. Each morning only means that there is one less to go before the big PPV. I for one am putting some money down on some of these matches. Paul Doom and Lord Alucard I think will be a blockbuster, to use the movie term. Those guys have some serious issues to beat out of each other. You think that by now we as people might find more constructive ways of dealing with our anger besides pummeling the one you disagree with into a fine paste. Throw in a cage and some hell in that cage and you got yourself a surefire way to get a seven day, six night stay in the local hospital. It's just scary.

    Evol: But why do I bring up the malice between those two? I am not in that match though Holocaust and I, more myself than he, beat those two in a tag match. When you wrestle them, you feel that you are in their matches. Like a sort of symbiosis. The Bloodbath Match will be very similar to that. Twenty guys in the ring whose sole purpose is to bloody and beat the other nineteen competitors into submission or pinfall or whatever the hell the rules are. With all of my kidding aside, it is a match to showcase the best of what we got.

    (Evol holds up the bat in his hand like a rifle.)

    Evol: One little two little three litte EUWC wrestlers. That is how it's gonna be. One after the other are gonna be eliminated, leaving only the strong to survive. Only the best of the best deserve to be the last few remaining in the ring to determine the victor. The only reason the other guys are there is to just tire out the potential winners. Who will win the match? Time and skill will tell.

    (Evol gets up and grabs one last baseball and hits it directly at the camera. Scene fades to black.)

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    Tyrone Walker Rp


    "It's over, it's all over..."

    [You know the voice]

    "Truth is... It was over a long time ago..."

    [You don't even need the visual]

    "Heh, I know right..."


    "Sucks to be you."


    [Dressed in red and white windbreaker over a now retro dark blue with yellow lettering "Ichiro Suzuki" Orix Blue Wave baseball jersey. And of course the signature frizzy afro blowing in the slight wind]

    "And don't bother tryin' to talk up some bullshxt about how we're gonna be made to pay for our crimes. 'Cause for one thing this was all over once Team Danger took the stage right from the get go. And secondly, nobodies ever put Team Danger in 'their place' unless you count being put over after getting your face kicked in by us."

    [Tyrone Walker is...]


    [Down the streets of Tokyo that is]

    "But anyway..."

    [Yes, anyway]

    "Blood Bath, it's just around the bend and lemme set it straight for you guys in the TLC with me and the K.o.P. If you thought what happened three weeks ago was bad, hell, if that was the worse beating you ever took in your LIFE, then I'm sorry kids, but you're all in for one fxcked up day. 'Cause when we dropped in and crashed your party, that was nothin, shxt, by our standards, that was an OFF day. So what do you think's gonna go down when you make it legal and just for shxts and giggles toss in a truck load of plunder for us to use on you? Heh, like I said, it's gonna be a fxcked up day."

    [Weaving his way through the sea of humanity he continues onward]

    "Now you might not be able to admit it to yourselves, but let's be honest fellas. You know that you stand about as much of chance of winning this thing as Christopher Reeves has at winning the Kentucky Derby."

    [Buh dum duh!]

    "Now as for this main event. Eighteen nameless faces and Team Danger. A Blood Bath for sure. Kind of funny how this event coincides with our debut doesn't it? I mean up to this point it's been all fun and games for us. Hit the stage on our first night and take what's rightfully ours? Fun. Dupe the Moundfield's and thwart Pickstock's attempt at punishing me? Games. Showing Pickstock why you should never poke a rabid dog with a sharp stick? Fun. Saving the show from a horrid main event with Taylor and Stone? Games. See what I'm saying people? It's all been a big laugh for us so far, but that's until the Blood Bath. Then it stops being fun and games and it becomes business and that's the precise moment when it'll all be made clear to you that when it's time to get down to business, Team Danger doesn't fxck around!"

    [With his point made. Walker disappears into the sea of humanity]


    "Arguing over the internet is like Competing in the Special Olympics. Even if you win, you're still retarded."

    "Let's face up to the facts people. You all suck compared to me."

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    (We open up within the interior of a Tokyo airport. “Elephant Man” by Mastodon is playing over the footage. Through the gate of an arrived flight, a flood of persons of the Asian persuasion disembark the plane, many wearing suits and carrying briefcases. Through the course of this chaotic flow there appears a man who is fairly out of place. He stops amidst the sea of moving people, rather calm, and looks up in thought. We hear Rocko Daymon doing the voiceover.)

    Rocko Daymon

    I can’t believe I’m still here.

    (Cut to a shot of Daymon walking alone along a busy sidewalk, filled with several Japanese people going to and fro to their daily duties. While most of these people move with robotic mobility, there’s a grace in Rocko’s presence that sets him apart from the crowd. He moves slowly, a head taller than the people around him, sporting a brown suede coat and blue jeans with a gym bag strapped over his shoulder. His brown hair is neatly tucked into a navy blue baseball cap, faded after years of sunlight.)

    Rocko Daymon
    I did a six-month run here not long ago. I did pretty well, and gained a lot of notoriety. Then I came back to America, but that didn’t last long. Over the past couple weeks, EUWC has been sending me back here to slave through match after match… giving me the names that are considered to be of the best, all of which have sequentially been flattened beneath me.

    I suppose if I keep going this way, I’ll eventually get bored…

    (Cut to a shot of Daymon stopped outside of a sporting goods store, where a Japanese teenager requests an autograph. Daymon signs it with a pleasant smile on his face. We get more shots of autograph and shirt signing, most related to various promotions that go through nearly every letter combination possible.)

    Rocko Daymon
    But then I remember I’m here in Tokyo. I spent six months earning the respect and applause of these people. And now I’m booked to entertain them yet again, this time under a different promotion, one that is American based. I find myself in a match involving some twenty professional wrestlers signed to the EUWC payroll, in a match that promises to be as bloody and brutal as it is hyped to be, if not more.

    Once more, I’m going to wow these people with my style… and whether I win or lose the 20-Man Blood Bath, I’m going out with the respect of every man, woman, and child in that arena, and watching at home.

    I’ll be the one walking out of that cage with his head held higher than anyone else.

    (A shot of Daymon visiting a local gymnasium is played. Outside of a standard-sized ring, he converses with an elder individual who he is seemingly familiar with. In the ring, two wrestlers, perhaps students of this other man, are engaged in a sparring match. Rocko watches them with avid interest while he continues his conversation.)

    Rocko Daymon
    When you look at the form and style of Japanese professional wrestling, it’s hard to believe it’s the same sport as our own. Most people see it as nothing but gimmicks… where the blood flows freely and the stunts never cease to push to the limits in terms of extremes. It could be seen in this “snuff” sort of light…

    But being a man who has wrestled here for six months, I know that it’s about a lot more than just the gimmicks and stunts. At the heart of every Japanese wrestling promotion is a passion that couldn’t be compared to American promotions in any way.

    (We cut to a full-blown event, held inside a local school gymnasium. The bleachers are filled with fans as the same two wrestling students do their thing in the ring against another pair, in a match that seems to be without tag rules. Daymon and the trainer are sitting in the front row, continuing to speak inaudibly as the voiceover continues.)

    Rocko Daymon
    I’ve fought against and alongside many great professional wrestlers from these lands, and I’ve learned a lot from them. When you lose a match in any typical fed based in the United States… you eventually come to grips with your loss, and move on. But over here, everything means much more. Defeat is not acceptable to these people by any means. In the case that someone IS defeated, it usually escalates into revenge… ANYTHING for the loser to regain his lost pride.

    (Daymon is seen coming out of a cab and arriving at his hotel. He checks in and goes to the elevator.)

    Rocko Daymon
    Within my few first weeks of wrestling here, I felt a little out of place. I immediately realized that my determination and tenacity paled in comparison to the Japanese. But at the same time, I brought something a little new to the table.

    I showed everybody watching that there was more to wrestling than doing the most extreme things possible… and fighting like victory was the only possible outcome. Wrestling is more than that. It’s about the ACT of fighting that matters… and the effort put forth.

    In a federation built by men who made suicide dives off of ladders and ringposts through flaming tables covered in tacks, I was the one man who fought with wits alone. No gimmicks, no extremes… just plain ol’ American brawling and mat wrestling.

    And in those ways, I DOMINATED the competition. Immediately, the Japanese respected this foreigner, who refused to take dives through tables and chairs, and instead opted to compete the traditional way: with his fists.

    (From here, we cut to a shot of Rocko Daymon seated in his hotel room, looking out the large window to observe the city of Tokyo below him. He is now speaking directly, instead of through voiceover.)

    Rocko Daymon
    When I look at the EUWC roster, I see a lot of people who can be compared to the Japanese wrestlers. These are the guys who THINK it’s all about tables, ladders, and chairs… but fail to see the underlying root of professional wrestling, which is the talent and the know-how, where I dominate. These people are terribly determined to win—that can’t be denied… and likewise, the extremes they go to are incredible.

    But it’s not enough.

    (He turns his head, looking directly into the camera.)

    Rocko Daymon
    And that is the reason why Rocko Daymon is the best man to be walking among the ranks of EUWC at this time… because I’m the only one who brings that missing element to the table. I did so against Evol… Damian Stone… and AOD. And now, a new list of names stands in my way. For a fourth time, in the main event of EUWC’s Pay Per View event, I’m going to prove to this WORLD that these swinging fists, these god-like hands, aren’t used for destroying opponents as much as they are used for building an everlasting truth.

    Perhaps I should say something about the Blood Bath match I’m engaged to compete in.

    Only in America could you get away with a Pay Per View filled with standard, focused matches that make up the bulk of what professional wrestling is and always will be. In Japan, however, demands for “extreme” are much greater. If you billed this PPV without the Blood Bath match at the main event, it’s obvious that you wouldn’t have anybody to come and watch the show.

    Still, I can’t say I’m thrilled with the idea of mixing together twenty talents inside of a single cage. Would it have been too much to ask for a regular series of one-on-one matches back in the states? Or are we trying to raise the bar for hardcore wrestling with this sort of event? Either way, the 20-Man Blood Bath match is nothing more than a joke. You can’t expect to watch that many men beat the hell out of each other, and crown the last man lucky enough to be standing at the end as the strongest of them all.

    Of course the Japanese fans are going to eat up this sort of ridiculous entertainment like hotcakes. What pisses me off is that I spent many months in this country, busting my ass to show these people that there’s more to professional wrestling than antics and blood-fests. And all of that effort goes to waste when a promotion brings THIS kind of match for their viewing.

    It’s like giving a recovering drug addict a new batch of heroin…

    (He shakes his head with disappointment.)

    Rocko Daymon
    Even so… I’m going into this match, to fight rather than to bleed. I’m going to show these fans yet again what true professional wrestling is about, and show the cage to be obsolete against the strength and passion of the human mind and body.

    And if I lose in the process… then so be it. I would rather be remembered as the man who fought by wowing the crowd through STANDARD professional wrestling moves than by going through clichéd extremes.

    (He reaches off camera for a moment, bringing to his lap a list of names, as well as a fresh can of beer, likely plucked from a cooler, which he immediately cracks open. He takes his initial sip, eyeing over the list with a frown.)

    Rocko Daymon
    Who, in this dire contest, could stop me from doing just that? I look at the list… and I’m not entirely impressed. To me, it appears at though Pickstock found it necessary to scrape all of the crap he could find on the talent roster to fill the missing gaps necessary to make this a 20-Man event. More than half of these guys are booked to fight in other matches building up to this main event, myself included. But what separates me from these others is the fact that I’m the only one without a rival stepping into the cage with me.

    Havoc and Slayton is one such pair. Though I can’t say much for the former, I am familiar with the latter from my days in another federation. I respect the guy to hell, but today it seems as though he thinks I’ve “gone corporate”, which by his definition means I don’t do it for the fans anymore. Personally, I don’t see how that makes sense. Since the beginning, I’ve always been in this for myself… and for those depending on me. And when I step into the Tokyo Egg Dome, you can bet your ass there will be a lot of fans who are familiar with me watching, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they were cheering my name.

    There’s also “Classy” Mike C and Marshall Snow. Don’t know anything about either of these guys, but they are engaged in the 52 Wild Title match. You know that’s going to be a draining competition, and with that said, I truly can’t see either of them going far in this match.

    Lord Alucard and Paul Doom, while both are outstanding athletes in that ring, are booked to face off in a Hell in the Cell match. If that’s not going to drain their stamina, I don’t know what will. Neither of these guys, in spite of their individual strengths, is capable of competing in two high-caliber matches in one night, both of which take places within steel cages, and be expected to win both. It’s just physically impossible, based on my experience.

    (Just to break from this long list, and to moisten his parched throat, Rocko takes a long sip of his beer.)

    Rocko Daymon
    Next up is Angel of Death and Ray Santana, both of whom are booked to fight in a Three Stages of Hell match-up. I could only imagine what “Three Stages of Hell” means, but it sounds equally, if not more, ridiculous than this Blood Bath. If at first the two don’t kill themselves through stunts, they’ll surely bleed out the rest of the way the second they step into that cage with eighteen other men.

    Then there’s Eric McCrae and Donny Collins. Being that there meeting before this 20-Man Blood Bath is a “grudge match”, I can only assume that a lot of bad blood runs between these two. From what I’ve heard from them so far on the airwaves, the two of them seem more interested in beating each other’s brains out than winning this match.

    Last, but not least, you have the two biggest attention whores in EUWC to date, Stephen Greer and Tyrone Walker. The odds of having two are better than one, but considering they’re booked to go up against another six before this rumble, I can’t expect much. From what I’ve seen, Team Danger is a pair of mouths without talent, the both of whom probably couldn’t even amount to a complete professional wrestler when put together.

    (He looks back up to the camera, setting the list aside and taking another long sip of his drink.)

    Rocko Daymon
    And there is, of course, myself and Damian Stone… but after our last encounter, I’m not expecting much performance from my “esteemed” opponent. Last Man Standing is and always has been my territory. I will put Stone down without even breaking a sweat, and move on to this 20-Man Blood Bath at full strength. As for the “God of Hardcore”, or whatever he calls himself… I predict an early elimination.

    The only fresh bodies stepping into that ring will be those of Evol, Triple T, Holocaust, Sevyn, Texas Lightning, and Samuel Roundtree. Of these, only two have decided to open their mouths; one doing a lot of complaining, and the other puffing out his chest with a little “tough talk”.

    I guess it’s good to see that at least SOMEBODY has an interest in competing.

    (Daymon chuckles lightly, coming out of his seat. The camera follows him from the window, to a bulletin board set up against the wall. The pictures of all twenty men involved in the match have been tacked up, divided into two halves: those who have chosen to remain silent, and those who have let their voices ring loud. He points to the latter half of the board.)

    Rocko Daymon
    Where do I begin with this rat pack?

    Over the past few weeks, I have sat and listened to what every interested man has had to say.

    My ol’ buddy Evol has appeared a couple times now, saying little more than how much he’s anticipating this match, and how well he’s going to do.

    It’s nothing I haven’t heard before, from every other brain-dead jobber I’ve blasted through in my career.

    (He looks directly into the camera to deliver the following statement.)

    Rocko Daymon
    Evol, do me a favor… at least TRY to humor me the next time you decide to cut a promo. All you accomplish is putting me to sleep—through words on the screen, and through performance in the ring. Now, when the time to fight comes, that’ll be a different story. You can have all the confidence in the world, Evol… but when you and I met, I proved to this world that I am the stronger. If you think for one second that you can overcome MY superior talent based on half-hearted determination, then you are clearly beyond hope.

    (His focus returns to the bulletin board.)

    Rocko Daymon
    Next on my list is Samuel Roundtree, who, apparently, has a bit of an anger problem. Do ya like beating up on weaker individuals out of your fits of rage? Does it get you off? I sure hope it does, because your rampage in front of a bevy of Japanese reporters sure as hell didn’t impress anyone. If you want to make a statement, the LAST thing you should do is beat down some lame reporter who would likely be blown over by a strong gust of wind.

    But I suppose I can’t blame you for what you did. After all, I’ve been doing practically the exact same thing for the past three weeks: destroying men who are clearly weaker than me.

    So far, Sammy… you haven’t impressed me with your ring performance. Likewise, you haven’t intimidated me with your words. You’ve done nothing more than ***** about Matt Pickstock, and displayed clear self-centeredness through your actions. You’re one dimensional… shallow… careful of nobody but himself.

    People wouldn’t care less if you got hit by a train tomorrow, and faded from all existence. Nor will they care once you walk away from this match, beaten.

    (With a smirk, he points to the pictures of Eric McCrae and Donny Collins, which are actually posted together by a single thumbtack.)

    Rocko Daymon
    I could touch on “Super Texan” Eric McCrae and “Polly Prissy Pants” Donny Collins if I wanted to, but it’s obvious that the two are more concerned with themselves than winning this match. Leave them to their feud, I say. It’ll make my job that much easier.

    (With a final sip of his beer to empty the can, Daymon takes a step toward the bulletin board. The camera zooms in on the pictures of Tyrone Walker and Stephen Greer, which are tacked side by side.)

    Rocko Daymon
    Finally, I have to touch on the one man who, based on my observations, is the only one with his head TRULY in this game. That would be, of course, Stephen Greer…

    I can’t really say much about this guy for who he is… other than he likes to take spots on the shows that last somewhere up to a half an hour, if not longer, of mindless bickering and fighting with Matt Pickstock, while at the same time glorifying himself as though he were a wrestling god…

    One thing for certain is, I have yet to see anything unique or original in his style—on camera and in the ring.

    But that’s not my focus… at least not at this moment. I wanted to talk about something that Greer mentioned quite a bit in his single promo related to this match. That would be… the use of the word “distractions”.

    (He turns back to the camera with an honest smile, looking up and taking a deep breath out of exhilaration and relief, relishing the sound of the word.)

    Rocko Daymon
    Man… I really that.

    There’s no better way to sum up the entirety of this match. It’s nothing more than one great distraction from the goals at hand. In this case, Greer is being distracted from his goal of becoming one half of the tag team champions. I myself am being distracted from… well, doing what it is what I do best.

    You’d think after three solid victories against a bevy of established men in this federation, I’d get a little recognition. Maybe I’d be the one to earn a title shot—even something minor. But instead, I get shafted with a meaningless Falls Count Anywhere match against Damian Stone, and this cluster**** of a main event that throws twenty guys into a steel cage for the entertainment of thousands of brain-dead zombies who wouldn’t know what a good time was if they couldn’t see it on their TV first.

    (He looks out the window again, to the world known as Japan.)

    Rocko Daymon
    Like Greer said… distractions. Nothing more than simple-minded, totally irrelevant distractions.

    Like I said earlier, I’m not in this match to shed blood or perform antics like any trained dog. I’m here to remind the people at home, and the people back there in the locker room, that there’s more to professional wrestling than the so-called “hardcore” genre.

    It’s all bound together in these knuckles, and within these ribs. It’s the spirit of making your body the most ample weapon possible, without the aid of tables, ladders, chairs, cages, weapons, or any other “distractions” of that value.

    Greer knows what this is all about, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this match came down to the two of us…

    But even so, Stephen Greer is still not at my level. Nor is his idiot friend, who is under the impression that DAMIAN STONE is still the World Champion.

    (He turns to the camera, shrugs, and chuckles.)

    Rocko Daymon
    What can I say? These guys merely like to hear themselves talk. I have yet to see either of them back it up in the ring. I, however, have been doing nothing but. While Greer and his buddy Tyrone have been burning daylight, standing with mikes in their faces, with nude women always standing somewhere in frame, talking constantly about how great Team Danger is, and how badly Matt Pickstock is running things, YOURS TRULY has been in that ring, busting his ass at every given moment.

    Evol? Stone? AOD? Beat them all, without any interviews or ring spots to boast it. All three of them are merely threads woven into the tapestry of my illustrious career. The same will become of Team Danger, and the other men involved in this match.

    (He turns to the bulletin board again, eyeing it for a moment or two with silent focus and fascination. His eyes travel from one photo to the next, as thoughts race through his head at an incalculable speed. Finally, he comes to a conclusion.)

    Rocko Daymon
    In this kind of match, its bleed or make bleed.

    Whether or not this match plays out the way it’s hyped up to be, I’ll be going into that cage… and through all of the blood, pain, sweat, and chaos that will be happening, I’ll be the sole man fighting with the mind of a TRUE professional wrestler, amongst nineteen other gimmicks and stunt artists.

    There is no motive or goal I have, other than to be what I know I am…

    …and to prove that I am better that way.

    (With a nod, we fade to black.)


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    Well, well, well...

    (Eleventh Floor of the Tokyo Grand Garden Hotel, as we approach room 1129, we see two security guards standing outside the room. We present our credentials to the guards and after they check the list of reporters we see the door open and Samuel Roundtree appears in front of us and motions us inward.)

    SR: Hey, glad you could make it. The hotel management decided to put these teo boneheads in front of my door because of my so-called "outburst" at the press conference. The promoters decided that I am a risk to my own safety and those around me, so I can't go anywhere without those idiots coming with me.

    Man, this trip can't be going any better. First I get stuck doing mindless publicity for another crappy EUWC PPV. Then those boneheads set up that press conference that was a guaranteed bomb. And now...

    And now...Rocko Daymon.

    Ay Rocko...Mickey called and said Apollo Creed wants another re-match. Wait a sec, that was Rocky not Rocko.

    Newsflash Rocko, after a year on the sidelines waiting for a phone call, it is all about me now. I came back to the EUWC because the EUWC left me. In the world we live in, you can't expect anybody to anything for you but you. Friends, alliances, factions, they are only as strong as each individual wants it to be. And the loners of the world...well the loners of the world will be dealt with in their own time.

    Rocko, you called me self-centered and said people wouldn't care if I got hit by a train. Well, once you and I get to that cage on Hallowe'en night I'll get the one chance I need to prove to you and the entire locker room what the EUWC lost by not booking me properly over the past year.

    Rocko, I make my statement at Blood Bath.

    I tell you and 18 others why the EUWC should be mine...

    Rocko, after Blood Bath, while you're getting stitched up at the hospital, while the doctors prescribe Xanex to get you over your broken ribs and while that 350 pound hairy male nurse asks you to strip so he can cast both your broken legs, you can just ask yourself one question?

    Why, why did I open my big fat mouth?

    Now if you don't mind, I have a dinner to get to...

    (Our camera crew packs up and heads out the door.)

    (Fade to Black)

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    Happy Halloween

    EUWC reporter Jimmy Reeve is stood on the arena floor of the Tokyo Egg Dome as the ring crew set up for EUWC Blood Bath.

    Reeve: The Tokyo Egg Dome is the premier arena in the capital city of Japan, and this Sunday, Halloween night, it will play host to EUWC Blood Bath, which for the second year running goes from North American shores to the other side of the Pacific. Now behind me are the guys who get all the action going, the ring crew. They're setting up for the big night right now and without them, well there is no show!

    Reeve walks throughout the arena floor.

    Reeve: And if you can see behind me, John Shaft and Scott Marchman are sat at ringside, ready for when they call the action. But there is one key group of people missing, we have the crew, and the commentators, but no fans! 55,000 EUWC fans will sit in the stands here at the Egg Dome and witness one of the biggest cards of the year, with 6 titles on the line and of course, the big Blood Bath match! Now some big names have won in the past; Lynch Garrison, STEALTH and Don Hall to name but a few, and this year there is no shortage of talent. You have Holocaust, Damian Stone, Angel of Death, Triple T and many more; in fact this could be the best Blood Bath match yet!

    Reeve walks over to and leans on one of the barricades in place to separate the fans from the action.

    Reeve: And hopefully we'll get to chat to one of the guys later in the show...

    Suddenly, a man wearing a white sheet with eyeholes cut in leaps from behind the barricade.

    "Ghost": Boo!

    Reeve jumps and turns around, staring at the "Ghost" who jumps over the barricade, in the process revealing the 52 Wild title belt around his waist.

    Reeve: My God you made me jump!

    "Ghost": Sorry.

    Reeve: Well who could this be? About 6' 2", 52 Wild title belt, English accent; are you Prince Charles.

    The "Ghost" pulls the sheet off to reveal that, surprisingly, it is 52 Wild Champion Classy Mike C.

    Classy: Close but you're way off Reevesy! One query though Jim, you talked about the fans, and the announcers, and the crew being important, but you missed out one key part of the show which is necessary for it to run.

    Reeve: Erm...Me and the Interview guys?

    Classy: Yeah that's what I meant.

    Reeve: Don't worry Mike my friend, you guys are pivotal to this company. Now at Blood Bath Mike you defend that 52 Wild Title of yours against Marshall Snow, but you're also in the big Blood Bath match with 19 other superstars who hope to make an impact and earn the Only the Strong IV title shot. Now last year you lasted an impressive 13 minutes and 52 seconds, are you confident of improving on that this year?

    Classy: A lot has changed in a year Jimmy. You for one, have got balder...and fatter...and less TV time. Heck, if it wasn't for guys like me willing to give you an interview in return for the chance to appear in a sheet on international TV, you'd be working back on the farm or wherever the hell you came from. Now me on the other hand, I'm like a fine wine. People can't get enough of me, I'm expensive, sought after and of course, I improve with age! Now this time last year, Blood Bath, my EUWC career was looking up. I became a tag team champion and held my own in the blood bath. This year however, I'm a two-time tag team champion, two-time 52 Wild champion, and let's face it, an idol to the fans! What more do I need I here you ask? Well I wouldn't mind getting my hands on the EUWC World title, and just like every other thing I've tried to achieve in EUWC, I'll be damned if I don't achieve it!

    Jimmy: Well I'm not sure if I agree with the descriptions you gave, but you seem pretty focused going into the match. Who do you view as your major opponents in the match?

    Classy: For one, not Marshall Snow because I will have knocked sense out of that boy earlier in the night, in fact I'd be amazed if he actually made it down the aisle for a second time! I always enjoy giving Evol a good kicking, and Sunday won't be any different. He is right though, we don't need justification to hate each other. Samuel Roundtree seems pretty determined to make an impact on this match, but don't retirement matches mean that you leave the company for good? Talk about mixed up. But don't worry Samuel, I ended your tag team title reign last year at Blood Bath, and this year it'll be your hopes of winning the Blood Bath that I end...

    Classy pauses for a second.

    Jimmy: Problem Classy?

    Classy: No problem, I'm just trying to remember where I heard the name Rocko Daymon before?

    Jimmy: Perhaps a prior EUWC event, he is on quite a roll.

    Classy: Oh no that's not it, I just remembered where I heard his name. It was on that list, y'know, "Wrestlers that I've never heard of." Listen rookie boy, you can run your mouth about half the roster, and it's sweet that you think you stand a chance, but you're new around here and an old head like myself has some advice for you- shut up and shape up! Come back once you've really impressed me. I tell you what, I'll take you seriously once you've defeated...hmm...Gorgeous George! A true mat legend!

    Jimmy: Erm Mike, Gorgeous George died in 1963.

    Classy: I see. Well no matter, Rocko can just go about his business until he's beaten me, then I'll be impressed! Mind you Daymon, two can play the game of going through the entire EUWC roster!

    Jimmy: We don't have all that much time Mike.

    Classy: I see. Well let me get through a few more. Donny Collins- my team mate at Main Frame a few weeks ago, and a fellow Englishman. Well sorry Donny but that goes out the window at Blood Bath, and is replaced by the sick parents that you were born of that had the audacity to name their children Donny and Danny. My brother "Dike" would be rolling in his grave...if he was dead...or real...Anyway, another former pal, Paul Doom. Now Doomy, you and me were in the Rebellion together and it's fair to say that since the Dominion is no more, we don't really have a purpose as a group. So for that matter, I resign from my position as member of the Rebellion. And besides I'm sure you and Danny didn't really want me around so much once you won the tag team titles. So with the Rebellion out of the picture, that gives me the chance to treat you like any other sorry little man in the match that I'm gonna beat on. On the subject of the Dominion, Holocaust and Havoc are still in my bad books and that won't be far from my mind when I'm looking for someone to kick.

    Jimmy: Anyone else?

    Classy: I'm getting there Reeve! Geez if you weren't so bald I'd tell you to keep your hair on! Hmm…I guess no one in particular. But Damian Stone, Ray Santana, AOD, TTT, Marcus Slayton, Eric McRae, Sevyn, Texas Lightning, Lord Alucard and Team Danger had all better watch their backs!

    Jimmy: Of course. Now any last comments, BRIEFLY, before we go?

    Classy: Now Jimmy, do you want this done quickly or properly?

    Jimmy: Quickly please.

    Classy: I'll do it in my own time damn it! EUWC Blood Bath is going to be a momentous event, as it is every year. However, one thing will stick in the memories of the EUWC fans when all is said and done. That will be me, stood in the centre of the ring and arms raised...and then after I beat Marshall Snow I'll enter the lottery that is the Blood Bath! And I tell you Reeve, I'm sure I'm the guy with the winning ticket. Why you ask? What reason do I have for being so confident? I can give you 19 reasons why I'm so confident, but we'd be here for longer and we don't want that do we Jimmy?

    Jimmy: No but thanks for the offer! And thanks for taking the time out of your schedule to speak to us Mike, good luck for Sunday!

    Jimmy turns around and Classy is once again in the ghost outfit, making Reeve jump.

    Classy: Ha ha, the look on your face...

    The screen fades to black.

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    History lesson

    Sevyn and Dwight Jackson are dressed in black suits and are seen walking through a door. The camera follows them in and the door closes. The room they enter is full of wrestling titles and books.

    Sevyn: Welcome to my own personal museum. My little piece of wrestling history.

    (He walks over and takes down a book.)

    Sevyn: Did you want to read about AOD’s career. Did you want see Diabolic Forces original Tag team titles. How about the piece of the mat from EUWC back in 2000. I got it on the night they closed their doors.

    Dwight: What the hell are we doing here?

    Sevyn: Welcome to the Blood Bath match Dwight.

    Dwight: What the hell are you talking about? This stuff is old and ancient history. It has nothing to do with today.

    Sevyn: Exactly Dwight, it’s history.

    Dwight: What are you getting at? How is that Blood Bath?

    Sevyn: Dwight, the Blood Bath match will go down in history but better yet it is positively full of it as well.

    Dwight: Of course it is. Everything is once it is over.

    Sevyn: You aren’t getting it man. Someone has the opportunity to become the number one contender for the world title. Number one contender. I think I know a thing or two about what it takes to make it to that point.

    Dwight: I get that part but how is that really history. If all you do is wrestle one match and loose how is that history, let alone impressive.

    Sevyn: By being named number one contender to the world title you elevate yourself up the roster and give yourself a better chance at doing it again.

    Dwight: I still don’t get what this all has to do with history. Sounds like you are planning for the future to me.

    Sevyn: Moving up the roster gives you the chance to move from EUWC superstar to EUWC Hall of Famer.

    Dwight: So you really think this match will move anyone into the hall of fame.

    Sevyn: Man you aren’t getting this at all. Look at this.

    (On the wall is a plaque with every EUWC World Champion’s name and title reign.)

    Sevyn: This match is the catalyst to that end. Two men who have one it in the past are there and of the 20 men in the ring there are 47 title reigns.

    Dwight: And…

    Sevyn: Take AOD for instance. The man has 7 titles to his name. World, United States three separate times, Tag Titles twice, and the defunct Juniorweight title. Only 6 men have never held titles in this federation and three of them could by the time the Blood Bath match takes place.

    Dwight: Only 6 surely there has to be more.

    Sevyn: Trust me. I live for the history of this business and there are only 6. Greer and Walker are highly decorated champions but are new to the EUWC and could be tag champs when they enter the Blood Bath. Texas Lightning shows consistent flashes of greatness but EUWC gold has eluded him thus far. Marcus Slayton could be US champ by the time we enter that ring but he has spent too much time chasing and altering his persona to truly make the impact he is destined to if he stays focused.

    Dwight: But that leaves Eric McRae, Donny Collins, Rocko Daymon and TTT.

    Sevyn: Sorry my friend but “All Business” was part of a stable championship team back in 1997. TTT is one of the most highly decorated men in this match with 7 titles as well. Thomas has had two world titles, three International titles and a pair of tag team titles with Ray Santana. Speaking of Ray he has had seven as well. He has held every active title except the hardcore title. Rocko Daymon and Donny Collins are both relatively new but we have seen what Donny could do at the end of the Seven Deadly Sins Gauntlet but Rocko is still a bit of an enigma. All 6 rookies will be tough to beat but…

    Dwight: But it is the history we came here to discuss I guess. So 21 titles on 3 men. Pretty impressive. Eric McRae makes 22. How in the hell can the others possibly make 25 more title reigns. There are only ten other guys. You only have two… Right.

    Sevyn: Correct. At least you know something about history Dwight.

    Dwight: I know this place is creepy so could we please just get through the remainder of the history lesson so we can get back to Mammon’s rehab.

    Sevyn: Okay there are 10 total World championship reigns in this match. AOD, TTT and Santana make up 5. The other 5 are Doom, with a Tag Title as well. Lord Alucard with a United States Title to his credit , Holocaust with a pair of World Titles. DDS has claims to both belts up in the main event.

    Dwight. So that leaves us down to 5 men and we have heard you talk about 32 titles. How in the hell have the the remaining 5 guys held 15 titles combined. Sure Samuel Roundtree was at one time impressive but not impressive enough to hold enough to make 15 possible.

    Sevyn: He actually only has two titles. The tag team titles and the United States. The remaining 5 guys are likely to be as hungry as I am. All 5 of them have stalled at the United States title and would like nothing more then to break the glass ceiling holding them down. Marshall Snow and I are no strangers since I beat him for the hardcore title. He also has a US and paired tag team titles and a real good chance at the hardcore again.

    Dwight: Hang on I think I am getting this. Seven guys are holding Sevyn down and he is going to attempt to break free from the lower end of the roster and make his presence known to them. Unfortunately the other 12 guys are attempting the same thing.

    Sevyn: Now you got it Dwight. There is so much history in this match that many of us are trying to break free of the past and others are trying to reclaim it. Very few are actually trying to write something new.

    Dwight: Hang on Mike C is the current 52 wild champion and he beat Evol for it. That makes seven left.

    Sevyn: Don’t forget that the two of them passed that title back and forth before they settled it in the best of five series. That leaves 5.

    Dwight: Who’s left.

    Sevyn: Pay attention Dwight. The man who is left is our current United States champion. The man who defeated me suddenly out of nowhere, Havoc. Don’t forget he was once part of one of the greatest tag teams in the business, as was “Classy”Mike C.

    Dwight: Okay so 47 titles.

    Sevyn: That means 47 #1 contenders and that doesn’t include the times where they weren’t successful. The truth of it all is the match is wide open for anyone. Every one of these guys knows what it takes to be a superstar. The man who steps up on Oct 31 will be the man who walks out having made history. Whether or not his name gets written in the history books will be left to the future.

    Dwight: So the past really can be used to build on the future. History repeats itself.

    Sevyn: Success comes to those who wait my friend. Dwight we should really get out of here and see what is going on with Mammon’s progress.

    Dwight: So, come Blood Bath you enter the ring as former United States and Hardcore champion. You exit the ring….

    Sevyn: Number twenty… or better yet…. The number one contender for the biggest prize in this business the EUWC World Heayweight Title.

    Fade to Black

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