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    [CD] Meanwhile...

    ::Scene opens behind a building, mid-afternoon. The camera focuses on the back door as it slowly swings open and a man walks out. He reads a piece of paper as he walks. After finishing it, he stops and takes a breath.::

    Man: A NEW Era of Wrestling, huh? ::He looks back down.:: It has been a while...

    ::The man looks towards the sky. While he's in thought, a pickpocket nabs his wallet, but returns it when he sees that it's not worth the effort. That's actually inconsequential to this, but I thought you'd like to know. The man takes another deep breath and pulls out his cell phone.::

    Man: Hello? Yeah, it's Jay. I've been thinking about it...and I'm in. I think it's time to do this.

    ::Jay puts his phone away, folds the paper and pockets it, then walks off camera. Scene fades.::

    -Jay has come to NEW. That's pretty much it.
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