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    WEEK 8: Michael Manson vs. DC Stratton

    This...is NOT good.

    Two longtime foes meet in the ring.

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    Deja Vu

    ((FADEIN: Darkness as a figure in the dark fidgets around with a bulb in the middle and finally, he twists it in and pulls on the metal cord and there is light, or at least, some of it. MICHAEL MANSON, dressed in plain black t-shirt and leather pants, sits on a bench and pulls his goggles up to his forehead. He then taks out a nail clipper and proceeds to cut his fingernails, adding to an evergrowing pile in front of him, now at knee height.))

    MANSON: Doubtlessly, you've all heard of Einstein, even Stratton who failed out of a catholic all-girls high school must know who the greatest physicist of the modern age was. And Einstein had a great many theories about time. For instance, I'm sure anyone who has taken a philosophy or physics class has heard of the concept of time being the 4th dimension. Or better yet, that space and time are actually one thing, one continuum in the universe. Space-time was the term Einstein employed and lately I've given thought to his ideas at the time which seemed overly radical.

    One theory, more radical than the others, stated that time did not actually exist. Or rather, there was no proof in all the universe that time exists. It's simply a matter of perception, how a human consciousness navigates around the universe. And now I've come to believe that this must be true. Or I might be trapped in sci-fi cliche of reliving the same things over and over. Because I'm hoping that I'm just seeing things in the best way possible to understand them, other than admitting that the whole is something not even I can grasp.

    As it would appear, I have become sealed within a moebius loop, a repeating cycle, or deja vu for you uneducated souls. For example, I have a match with DC Stratton. I had a match with DC Stratton back at Futureshock where he submitted like a French man in a bakery. Last week, I'm in a tag match and it's once again my tag team partner who lets me down and costs us the match. This tag partner being DC Stratton, who by doing this, costs me points, which he did the first week by throwing me off a ramp and thus causing me to lose to Armando Montezuma.

    I realize this all might be rather confusing for some of you, and others are seeing that, yes, NFW history even goes in cycles. Put simply, whether through design or incompetence, I'm quite tired of DC Stratton costing me points. Yes, it was Eli Flair who screwed up before, but he's long-gone and might as well be dead. Besides, I of all people know better than to rely on anyone else.

    Yes, I should have never left that ring and allowed Stratton to actually think he knew what he was doing. But, hell, there was a pool table, a helmet, and a fire........you wouldn't lock a boy out of the chocolate factory, would you? Still, I should have thrown on a Puritan face and taken care of matters. However, none all that is past. I can only work on the future.

    And the opportunity has been handed to me to resolve this Stratton problem once and for all. I admire his determinism. I already bloodied him, shamed him by making him quit in front of the entire world and its backyards, and then I buried his manager in a casket. He's still here and somehow winning his division, which in turn, helps him win the conference. But, I have my own division and myself and the Black Rose are tied once again.

    That is unacceptable.

    So I must take it upon myself to further educate this Stratton and give what he hasn't learned from falling through burning garage roofs or in the chaotic NFW North or even at my own hands. This, my friends, is not a fiction as Einstein postulated that time was, but the complete ending of a man and his hopes.

    You see, this is also deja vu, because I've done this before.

    I've done this to Stratton before.
    Only now, I have to make this worse.

    I'm sure Neil Riddick is warning you now, DC, he's trying to lay the strategy to give you your chance. But there is no strategy against me. I don't have a tag partner you can target, isolate, and then eliminate me. There's just me, and you couldn't do it before. I realize what my winning does, DC, I do. It places you second to Marx, puts all your hopes and dreams on hold. And a few nagging injuries will make that hold permanent. Because you have yet to learn how to work, how to will yourself through them.

    And I'm sure as hell not going to teach you.

    The only teacher you're going to have is experience, DC. You might think, you did your best, that you couldn't help it. You might say that before it was Riddick's ideas, he told you what to do. And that all might be true. But here you are.

    Speaking of time, you may have a lot of it, if you live through all your matches. There'll always be another ultratitle or whatnot for you. I will not wait though. I will not be deterred by a teenaged virgin. I have a division to win, I have a WarGames match at the All-Star Break to incite chaos in, I have Southern to taunt and confront, and I have that Ultratitle to win.

    Because in the end, that's what it's really about. Not me, not you, not Southern..not pain...not time. It is for the tangible proof that you have climbed the mountain and proven yourself th superior speciman in this industry. I will climb, and climb, and climb. Sometimes, I'll fall, but I always come back, DC.

    You're still too young to learn how to do that.

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    (Scene- a ring as Stratton is alone in the ring, he is running against the ropes, practicing rolls, practicing leaps, climbing and jumping off the ropes and so on. Riddick walks into the eye of the camera)

    RIDDICK: I'll admit it Manson, as much as I hate to do it, I'll admit it, you're important to him...( points to Stratton). You're the center of his life right now...

    Little does Riddick realize, Stratton has stopped his practicing and has been watching the camera

    ...you see, you failed him. As a partner, as a temporary allie, as a wrestler, as a man. You would not come out when he did to enter the ring, hence he gets attacked by two lower life forms, you were more interested in fighting with one of those lower life forms than helping prevent your team from losing the match, hence you have failed....he sees it now...

    As he points to the ring without looking Stratton his head in disgust and muting the words "He didn't fail anyone"

    This man whom I would normally be enraged with for failing to gain ten points, but through my kind heart, I am not! This man sees you for the loser that you are! This man realizes that he should never have put his trust in you, as you have failed him, he shouldn't be surprised that someone he puts his trust in fails in. It's the way of the world, everyone he trusts will fail him...

    Stratton purposely hops, and stomps his feet once to make sure Riddick heard it....

    ...well...uh...that is except me...I will never fail him as I am the pinnacle of trust. I deserve his trust, I deserve his magnification, I deserve everything from him that I am going to get (OOC: , on purpose)...I will not allow filth pedallers like you to derail my plans for him, heh, my plans for myself!

    Stratton is starting to become visibly enraged but keeps quiet

    You see, he is but a tool of mine, you see I will use him for all that he is worth, and thanks to you, that is not much. After I am done with him, I will be the most powerful man in the business. He knows this already...he uses me for exposure, heh, and I use him to destroy.

    Stratton exhibits an angry laugh

    You know, as far as I'm concerned, you can eliminate him during week 8, you can elminate him during "All Star Week", I don't care, but you will understand one thing, you will never be dealing with him...it will....always be....me! You are a tremendous predator, I will give you that, but every predator is simply someone else' prey.

    As Riddick grins and slyly walks off camera, he doesn't notice that Stratton is still on camera. While standing there glaring at a now off camera Neil Riddick, Stratton calmly looks back at the camera and mutes "I'm not your friend, I will not lose to you at week 8, but if you want to take that P.O.S. out, by all means, be my guest." He then returns to his drills as the scene fades out.
    http://www.rgforums.com/attachment.php?s=68b23225be13ed1ef25c30aab0301eaf& attachmentid=235
    "...and people say I'm slow... WAIT A MINUTE? THAT WAS AN INSULT! "

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    Matters of Trust and Strife

    ((FADEIN: MICHAEL MANSON, in black "Father of Pez" long-sleeved shirt and black leather pants sits barefooted in front of a coffee table with a rainbow assortment of grinded pez he carefully mixing into separate piles. He talks while he works.))

    MANSON: Ah yes, trust. The foundation of all tag teams, that single determining factor that leads them to victory. Every team, every partner should know that deep inside, that their partner, their brother will be there for them in the end. Yes, Neil, trust is that oh so holy thing that separates tag teams from the animals. You should trust your tag partner.

    ......but I'm Mike F'n Manson.

    The only failure is that you have not prepared DC well enough. Surely, he is more than able to get thrown around by two other competitors while I bring a literal truckload of weapons to help our cause. And what did you contribute to this, Neil? A buffet table? You wanted to win a pivotal stop on the road to the Ultratitle with an array of sandwiches?

    Well, you never were the strategist. And the growing sexual tension between you and your altar boy is quite visible. Your other complaint is that I left him alone. And I realized my own indulgence, I even admitted it. But I won't apologize for it. because had that been me left alone with another man in the ring I would have gotten my chainsaw and actually won the freaking match.

    The only thing you should ever have trusted me to do is maim another human being for my own secretive and artistic purposes, which I did. It was your boy that lost. Your boy that took the pin. By my counting, he owns me 20 points. 10 for Week 1 when he cost me my match and 10 for last week. I regret that I can only take 10 from him at Crash. However, I can still make up for that, because there's always you, Neil.

    It wasn't enough for me to paddle your ass back at Futureshock. It wasn't enough for me to bury you alive in a coffin. Your tenaciousness is admirable, I think your boy submitted back at Futureshock much quicker than you would have. But you still would have. And you still might. Because the two of you own me, and I always collect, one way or another.

    I don't want your souls, I don't want your lives. Ten points and a righteous beating in front of a very large might be enough, but there could be more. In fact, there's almost always more. This is 2 division leaders going at each other and I can cost DC his division lead, his confidence, and his health.

    You can trust me on that too, Neil.

    But one way or another, I'll get what's mine. That includes all points owed to me, and the Ultratitle. You might want to be the most powerful man in the business, Neil, but I am that. I was commissioner of this entire organization, I helped revive the Ultratitle. And every week, I am the dark, twisted blood and soul of the deranged asylum we call the Northern conference. Without me, there is no North, and really, there is no NFW.

    And to really have control over something, you have to be able to take it away. You might counter and say Shane Southern is the lifestream of the NFW, and you might be correct, but he isn't really Shane Southern anymore.

    And DC Stratton isn't likely to be DC Stratton anymore. I just didn't go far enough at Futureshock, I see that now. It's not DC's will, not his intention, and really, I understand that. I get that, I know it's all really Neil Riddick. I know Neil Riddick. I was even managed by Neil Riddick back in the day.

    But Neil Riddick never knew me.

    Otherwise, he would have known better than use a child against me. This is just DC leading a one boy Children's Crusade. It's not your fault, DC, but you're getting punished anyway. The sins of the father and all that, but that won't leave Neil out of it, I'm sure.. One way or another, his ilk always gets involved.

    When he does, he'll wish he had had DC stitch his bloody mouth shut rather than talk down to me......because then...Riddick won't be able to tell anyone that he quits....not that that would have mattered....and without Neil's guidance....DC in the ring really is a lost lamb...and they tell you what to do with lambs in the Old Testament.

    Trust me on that.

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