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Thread: Hello?

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    Hello all.

    So I was once on here around 2014 attempting to join NFW but actually ended up getting shot and well... life kinda took me on ride. While I continue to write a lot, fedding was something that I had to put down for awhile. Things in my life have gotten better so I decided to pick it back up but I see that the boards aren't as active. If anyone knows a good fed to join let know please.

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    Re: Hello?

    Hey Ken. I'm seeing this pretty late obviously. And yes, the board isn't quite as active as it once was but DEFIANCE (angle fed) is still quite active and our forum is host here on FW. If you are still interested, check us out! We are always looking for new eager writers. Feel free to PM me if you want more information or you can reach me on skype: @kaegiacona

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