Fans we are just a few weeks away from Eternal Judgement out of Denver! We stopped in UTAH for our latest and last installment of SLAM. If you missed it live on the CW, you can catch the replay on stream at any time. Seriously, like now? or two minutes from now.

If you tune on in, then what you can expect is two Pick Your Opponent?s Poison matches, Simon Landis II?s prized jersey held at ransom, one half of the Fightin? La Rue?s taking on one of Xiang Dynasty?s members, a Contract signing between Omega and Brock Newbludd, the Blitzkrieg Championship defended and to top it all off a Massive SIX MAN Tag Team Main Event.

And of course, plenty more! But we only had a minute to go over. So head on over to the stream now!

Watch the Stream Now!