We?re two weeks gone from SCORCHED IV and Saturday Night saw the return of NBW to television courtesy of a new partnership with the CW! Interim General Manager Richie Keal kicked off the show with the right momentum green-lighting a Blitzkrieg Championship defense by Jonny Bedlam vs a relatively new newcomer!

In what was a pattern for the night, the Dynasty Tag Team Champions, The House, and new Keystone Champion, Jake Tockwell, put out their own open challenges which were accepted.

We also saw the trio of The Fightin LaRue?s and Dude in Mask II face Ravage and HMMS! As well as his fresh hair cut! Clan Strongbern were also in action against Tuinei Ahona and For The Win in six-man tag team action. The Clan intent on cleaning up NBW and being the heroes we deserve.

And in our Main Event, with the newly re-emerged Xiang Dynasty, The Great Wall faced off against one of his toughest opponents to date ? which is saying a lot for the Chinese Colossus! It was a tremendous return that couldn?t be out-done in the same night.

Or so we thought!

Catch the stream of SLAM 121 on thenbw.com at any time. And remember you can catch the action LIVE Saturdays at 8pm ET!