The scene opened with the Interim General Manager of nBW, Richie Keal at his desk as he fiddled away with his Nintendo Switch. This time around there wasn’t any mysterious figures whispering in his ear, he was currently involved in a serious boss fight as the audible sounds indicated. Off-screen, a long stick could be seen poking Richie Keal in the shoulder, immediately getting his attention.

“Oh, what we are live! Sorry about that folks I’m on the last boss on Dead Cells and he’s a straight beast.”

Keal fumbled a bit before pausing his gaming session while placing his portable gaming device on the desk.

“Okay, now to business I suppose. As all you guys know the Cartel has had the nBW under their vice grip for a long time and as of recent that grip has loosened. However, El Gringo Loco and company are still running rampant, terrorizing fellow wrestlers as they try to regain their foothold here in nBW.”

“As of late, they have set their sites on our resident luchador Sparrow Jr. Last week on Slam 120 Gamby Martin a member of the Cartel attacked King Sparrow before his match with Riot and a week before that Riot also a member of the Cartel attacked Sparrow Jr. on Slam 118 before his scheduled match.”

In regards to Sparrow Jr.’s injuries on Slam 120, I’ve been informed by medical staff that Sparrow’s injuries are not career threatening. And is capable of competing in future events if he chooses to. I’ve grown tired of this lawlessness as I believe the fans have as well. So with that said I’m booking Riot and Sparrow Jr. In a loser leaves nBW match at the upcoming PPV, SCORCHED III.”

“If Sparrow Jr wins the Cartel and El Gringo Loco will be terminated and if Riot wins Sparrow Jr. will be terminated. I hope this beef of theirs can be finally settled and I hope all of you guys are entertained by this match as well. Now if you excuse me I have an annoying boss to beat.”

Richie Keal waved off the nBW community as he picked up his Nintendo Switch before the scene faded.