Another night, another dollar. Or peso. NBW SLAM is coming to you from the El Domo and what a show that turned out to be! As always you can catch us live on our new nights, Saturday evening at 9PM Eastern, or catch the stream anytime you want through!

This week it?s about answers and what?s next. The NBW faithful and even the staff want to know why Spike Saunders too out Bedlam after he successfully dethroned Pat Gordon Jr. Another new champion, Rey de Diamantes is already wanting to be a champion we deserve and looking for his first contender ? he may have gotten one that is more than he can comprehend.

In-ring action we?ve got the newcomer Dude in Mask II in action against Eclipse of our PULSE brand. We also have the fellow rookie Sparrow JR. taking on Mateo Soto, also from PULSE. Veteran and multi-time champion Ravage has laid out an open challenge to any luchador and he got quite the answer. Plus a full showcase of PULSE talent when Arthur Pendergast goes head to head with Edgar Collins ? definitely not to be missed!

On the Tag Team side of things, Crimson Tide will take on the returning Myth and Legend. And in our Main Event the Dynasty Tag Team Championships will be put on the line when Las Pregnatus defends against The House! All this and of course much more on SLAM, including the continued rehabilitation of OMEGA and another episode of On The Rocks!

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