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    CWF Presents: Golden Intentions Rumble

    Oh hello, remember me? Your efedding Mom (whom none of you wished a happy Mother's Day to, despite me raising you), former LoC Underground Champion (REOPEN THE FED, DANIEL), and FIST of DEFIANCE? Well, some people (Brunk) got me to come back to the land of RPing and I am here to tell YOU....that CWF has a rumble coming up THAT YOU SHOULD JOIN before all the open spots get scooped up by Twitter picbases.

    I'd love to see some FWCentral writers join for a one-night only deal, and maybe longer if you'd like. Brunk's there, like I mentioned, and so is Pete (DID YOU BUY HIS BOOK YET?). There's a quality roster, the RPs are a balance of character development and match/trash talk, but not a mix of wrestling and ultimate fighting and angle and RP, for those of you who might be concerned about such things.

    Here's a snippet of the selling spiel from Rish, the fedhead: Golden Intentions, CWF's big annual rumble ppv takes place this year on June 11th, 2019, with roleplaying running from Tuesday June 4th through Saturday, June 8th at 11:59pm EST. For those coming from outside CWF, the RP rules here is there is a 1 RP max per show, no word limit. Roleplays are graded by 55% character development (which here includes scene and it's relevancy to the rp message) and 45% match talk. If you have any other questions about grades or RP rules, feel free to hit me up. Back to Golden Intentions, this rumble as always is open for all outside people to join under ONE NIGHT ONLY contracts. Meaning you do not have to sign up full time for CWF to take part in the GI rumble.

    The Golden Intentions match is an over the top rope rumble with two entrants starting off the match together and at three minute intervals a new competitor comes to the ring until all the competitors involved have entered. The last woman or man standing and winner of the rumble of course moves on to Wrestle Fest V August 13th for a shot at the World Heavyweight Title on the biggest night in CWF history.

    Full write-up here: http://cwf.ewmania.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=550

    Submit an app for the rumble here: http://cwf.ewmania.com/application/1

    Outsiders HAVE won this match before. Andy Murray came in last year and won it. There was an all-woman battle royal on Evolution 50 that an outsider won, so CWF is not afraid to put over non-CWF talent in these kinds of matches.

    Any questions, hit up Rish, or me and I can answer them the best I can. I'm just the messenger, though. Hope to see some of you enter!
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