El Phantasmo XLVII was stood with a beaming smile on his face: ?Fans in Mexico, USA and all over the world, it is my pleasure to announce some exclusive news about my special guest at this time. Please welcome the former nbW World and Keystone champion, ALI AMORRRRE.?

It could be debated that Phantasmo was trying to outdo El Gringo Loco there, but that was irrelevant for the time being as Phantasmo and Ali exchanged pleasantries in Spanish and handshakes: ?Ali, you competed against Steve Dann on Slam one fourteen and were unlucky. There?s always rumors whether you?ll come back and have one match, which is how important you have been to nbW in the past. Have we seen everything from Ali Amore or is there una pelea m?s??

Amore chuckled: ?Una buena pregunta, ?no? Hi, guys. Phantasmo, thanks. To be fair, I wasn?t unlucky and Steve Dann was far too good for me. I was bad that night and I want to get in there one more time, especially in Mexico, to show everyone that I can still go under the bright lights and shine as much as I used to. I?m young, got some miles on the clock, but I?ve still got it in me to come back and I?m asking Xander Napoli to give me one more chance at Lucha de Mayo to prove it.?

Phantasmo nodded: ?And if you lose??

Amore laughed again, but nervously this time: ?Well, I don?t think about that, but if I do, I won?t come back.?

Ali echoed Phantasmo?s question back to him as a response.

So, there you have it. If Amore fails to win against an opponent to be determined, it?ll be the final time the former World champion ever enters an nbW ring.

Source: http://thenbw.com/