St. Louis Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center

A small room in the mental hospital with a dimly lit light from the small crack in the barred window on the far wall. A huge shadow can be seen rustling in the corner. A very crackling voice spoke from somewhere in the room.

?You came back to us.?

Another voice replied sounding a lot like the monster Omega.

?Why are you here? We thought you were gone.

Small laughter.

?No, my friend, we never left.?

A slight pause as a cold shiver came across the room.

?Omega did what they wanted.?

The voice chuckled.

?Yes, Omega did what they wanted but he forgot what we wanted. They held Omega back. They pacified him. They do not see what we see.?

The shadow moved to a corner where no light was present.

?What do you see?? Omega asked.

The voice became louder.

?We see a killer. We see the cold ruthless killer that came to us as a child. We also see a monster that has forgotten his way.?

There was a slight quiver in Omega?s voice.

?You came back to make us that person again.?

?As we told you before, we never left you. We have been suppressed by them. They wanted to control you.?

Small silence.

?Well what do you want.?

?We want you to realize who and what Omega is.?

Omega growled loudly.


The voice chuckled again.

?You have all the time in the world now to figure that out. Omega did their bidding but now it?s time to do someone else?s bidding.?

Omega sighed.

?We guess that would, be you??


?Then who??

The voice grew louder.


Suddenly the door opened a hand reached in and turned on the lights and two men walked into the room with a nurse following them.

?It?s time for your medicine, Omega.?

The scene ended with the nurse giving Omega his medication but also noticing that no other person was in the room with the four people.

So, who was Omega talking to?