Police Station in St. Louis

“We are here to bail out that big man right there.”

The man that just spoke to the officer behind the desk was none other than Napoli with Big Sal in tow.

The officer started to rummage through some papers before going through his computer.

The officer looked at Napoli. “His bail is two hundred and fifty thousand dollars and the judge recommended that he transferred back to the mental hospital.

Big Sal opens the briefcase he was carrying.

“It’s a good thing Omega gave us this money.”

“Yeah boss, he must have known something like this was going to happen.”

Big Sal hands the officer the money.

The officer collected the money and started to type into the computer.

“Wait here gentlemen.”

A few moments later, Omega appeared handcuffed and accompanied by two officers.

The officer looked at Napoli before speaking. “Sign these papers please.”

Napoli grabs a pen before moving a few pages around. He signs the documents and one of the officers takes the cuffs off of Omega.

Omega rubs his wrists as the three men walk out of the Sat. Louis precinct.

“Omega we now have to take you to, St. Louis Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center.” Napoli spoke.

Omega nodded. “So be it”

“You may have done me a favor by burning that eye sore to the ground. Now we can move on with our plans in Mexico.”

Napoli looked up at the big man as the walked down the steps of the police station.

“You will need to stay at the hospital until you are better.”

Omega smiled.

“We did what they wanted so our job is done.”

Napoli smirked.

“No, your job is not done completely. You have one more thing to do and you know what it is.”

Napoli, Big Sal and Omega climbed into the waiting car.

“Once you return, I expect it to be done."

Source: http://thenbw.com/18/nbw-exclusive-not-done/