“Up in smoke, boss,” says Big Sal as he throws a tablet onto a desk with the article headlining several different internet sites.

Xander Napoli sits seated at the edge of the desk as he swipes his way across the headlines of several articles covering the damage.

“That’s a blow. Very unfortunate … but we can always start fresh!” says Napoli. “We’ve got the World Tour coming up and besides … I’m making things happen. Let Legal worry about that. We’ll bury Omega so far deep, he won’t know which way is up.”

“That’s why you’re the boss.” says Sal.

Xander’s gaze continues on the desk as he scoots over to his fax machine. After retrieving the paperwork from the printer, he rolls back to his desk.

“Perfect!” yells Xander.

“What’s that, boss?”

Xander shoots a glance at Sal.

“This is us starting to rebuild. I just signed the contracts on four stars right here. A legendary tag team the world over, a rising star in women’s wrestling along with a protege of theirs they’ve been training right here in Mexico looking to make it big in singles. That’s going to be money in our pocket to have a star of the luchador demographic here … he’s gonna be a star if I have my say”

He slides the contracts over to Big Sal.

“I heard of these guys. jOlt, LoC, Toronto Wrestling, The PRIDE, … they’ve been everywhere.”

“Not just everywhere but even here in Mexico for spells here and there. Crowds here don’t get a lot of those gargantuan wrestlers coming here. They’re star attractions. And if they want to stay that way, they’ll all play ball.”

“And if they don’t?” asks Big Sal.

The camera closes in on the contacts being placed into a folder.


“Well … “ says Xander. “They can play things my way or they can go the way of Brock Newbludd. They’ll find out The House doesn’t always win.”






Source: http://thenbw.com/18/nbw-exclusive-rebuilding/