They Wanted More
1 Day After the PPV in Las Vegas

The camera pans to outside of the EpiCenter II in St. Louis in the middle of the night. All is quiet around the building as a large figure comes into view of the EpiCenter II carrying two large objects, one under each arm. The large figure gets closer into view to see the massive Omega as he sets down the large barrels on the ground. The madman pops the top off of both containers before picking one of them off the ground.

Omega proceeds to pour out some sort of liquid contents from the barrel. He takes the first container and coats the EpiCenter with the liquid. Omega coats the base of the structure and the structure itself. Omega continues then tossed the barrel through a glass window. The monster discarded the empty container before grabbing the other barrel. Omega poured the entire other barrel around the EpiCenter allowing a trail of the liquid to follow behind him several feet from the structure.

The big man pulled a small object from his pocket. The object looked to be a lighter. Omega flicked the lighter and dropped it on the trail of liquid in front of him that quickly ignited. In a matter of seconds, the EpiCenter erupted in a gigantic blaze. Omega stood and watched as the home of no brand Wrestling was going up in smoke. The mad man smirked as he watched the EpiCenter burn and burn.The loud sirens of fire engines enveloped the night air. Fire engines, police cars and paramedics came rushing into the night to battle this massive fire. Omega continued to stand and watch his handy work. Police Officers quickly rushed out of their cars and slapped handcuffs on the massive man who did not fight. Omega laughed at the site of the burning building. The policemen finally were able to place Omega in the back of the squad car.

The car sped down the street taking the madman away. A paramedic noticed something attached to one of the containers that was used in the destruction of the EpiCenter. The paramedic picked up the paper and read it.