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    DEFCon ARC Feedback Thread

    Feed 'em.

    DEFtv109: http://defiancewrestling.com/results/233
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    Re: DEFCon ARC Feedback Thread


    It’s been awhile, and I’m way out of the loop, but there’s no better time to start back than now!


    The intro the show is spectacular. Looooooved the “Where’s the beef” line. Angus on par to be the best wrestling commentator of all the times. Would be interesting to see a show, where one of these guys is out for some reason. How would they react? Would there be a fill in or a one man show? WE MAY NEVA KNOW.

    The Bruv Show!
    What a coincidence! Stevie on the show! Apparently this is only show 3 out of 10 for the bruv show! Spectacular I’m looking forward to ...every...word. He has to say! Kendrix is mint, hilarious, rude and on point. 6 guys in the ring + Kendrix. Good stuff from the face side before the cheap shot knocks them into a big brawl. Oscar gets blindsided. Kendrix with the superkick, (I think in reality he slipped on a downed Recliner chair, and his foot accidentally clipped oscar in the face… but tomato/tomata) Then Kendrix slips again and this time it’s the bellend on Scott Stevens, WHOOPS! Kendrix is maybe back and ready to compete for the FIST? OH SNAP

    (Sips Frappe)

    Fastball Special
    The fight continues backstage, this is good stuff, Fastball special. One guy benches the other and throws him into their opponents to get past security! HA! Genius! Love this. Both tag teams have been booted from the show by Wyatt. This is good continuation, would have liked to see a seg in between but likely can’t control that.

    Gage Blackwood vs Flex Kruger
    Very good opening match, it wasn’t long, it wasn’t convoluted, it was very straight forward, but good. Gage with the comeback win, and his first win on DEFTV in some time? The Walking Bandaid nice touch!

    Greetings 2.0
    Shooter Landell ends up face to face with gage blackwood, storytelling and building. Nice.

    Crimson with a bit of a gimmick change since my last reading, but not one that I dislike. This is good stuff, I like that for every question this segment gave me, it also answered each and everyone. I don’t walk away confused, or bewildered, I walk away with “I see what you did there” this is a fun segment. Crimson and Kerry tonight!

    Amathysta vs Titus Campbell.

    Keeps calls it match one, but it’s not. That’s a flub. Good little match, nice cheap shot in the beginning. Having PCP on commentary is a way to “beef up” a newcomers match and make it mean a little bit more. I just realized this is Elis. HA! Love the obvious and obliviousness of this. Good stuff here, I loved this “match”

    You’re Done!
    Jay Harvey sees through the charade and wants none of it. He said he’s not wrestling Elise either, and yet she’s here under a mask according to Harvey. He says he’s not fighting anyone unless he deems them worthy.


    Harmen wants to know who attacked him last week on DEFTV! He says a parable (a good one!) and we come to find out that he’s smarter than everyone in LA. HArmen says he knows who it was, he just wants the man to admit it. But the segment ends without any answer.

    Oscar Burns vs TBA

    Love me some TBA! Really well written match. Seth is the master of writing an underdog baby face. Burns gets HIS ASS KICKED in this one, handed to him 10 ways to sunday and still wins with the tap out. Some really cool spots in here. Flying Hossbody is still top 3 move names all time. Good stuff. Oscar Burns is a very good “Shawn Michaels’esq” character.

    Cat Fight Continues
    WynLyn and Gin fighting backstage. Not sure what all this entails but I’m sure Scott’s doing good stuff. Will continue to follow. *Note: No Scott, I don’t need you to fill me in Security breaks up this “attack!”

    Breath of the Wild
    Fuse Brothers head to the ring. They have beaten everyone since they got here, al the trophies, achievements, game saves, and cut scenes! 100% complete! They make an open challenge for DEFCON and Jestal and Dandelion come out to accept and use their CHAMPIONSHIP COIN! Nice gimmick. The fuse brothers fight over whether or not they should fight these two or someone else, and in the end the schmoz ends up with Fuse vs Jestal and Dandi at DEFCON? Maybe? Idk. But one of the fuse’s is hurt!

    Mushi vs Cole!
    Match doesn’t happen thanks to Christian Caballero! What a dirty blindsided attack! Mushi is down! Can we get some help out here?

    The Woman Behind The Mask
    Amythsta is being interviewed by Christie Zane. The D is here to translate. My favorite part is when the D asks her “Where is the bathroom?” in spanish, and she replies: “I will not be insulted by the mutes” hahaha. Flex comes in and announces he has a title match with jay Harvey planned next week . if THEY won’t get revenge for Elise, He will. LOL good stuff!

    New Chances
    Levi Cole bumps into Oscar burns, and we find out Kendrix vs Oscar burns next week! YAS! Stoked for that one, We also find out Levi Cole needs a favor, so Oscar goes into Kelly Evans office with his buddy to help him get his favor granted.

    Crimson Lord vs Kerry KALLURMAMA
    “so now he has pay the price of loyalty!”” Like this line. Loved the bit about Crimson talking during the match, good heel vs face dynamic here, Crimsons new gimmick is more intriguing that past iterations, hopefully that lasts. Feels more mysterious. When is the last time a countout happened in DEF. Legit trivia question. We see a lot of fake count outs for a fed without a lot of count out finishes. Crimson Lord with a big win! Good stuff. Really liked the action in this one.

    Choose the Right Path
    Crimson Lord post match grabs a mic and begins to “instill his lesson” in us, the faithful. He has a fan clip on handcuffs on him behind his back, and then challenges Scott Douglas who came out for the save an to check on his friend, and opportunity to attack Crimson while he is “defenseless” Scott with some help from Iris, takes the high road. Good stuff. Would have preferred the handcuffs to be ringside already as it seemed too much like a dog and pony show, but it’s a really good piece.

    Stevens vs TBA!
    TBA making his SECOND appearance tonight. Jokes. But Levi Cole Is! Second match for mr Cole and second unsuccessful attempt. In what ammounted to one of the better Scott Stevens matches I’ve read, he beats Levi Cole, while building heat, only to have Oscar Burns make the save as the show goes off the air.

    I like it. Good show, solid storyline building all the way around, and a Hollywood bruv. So yea it’s gold bay bay!

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    Re: DEFCon ARC Feedback Thread

    No specific order of things, but I should be getting on this so here we go.

    --I helped writed the Bruv Show and Fastball Special segments and I'm happy with how it came off with the Kendrix reveal and continuing the WrestleFriends/Stevens Dynasty feud. When Scott Stevens claps back, he's gonna do it hard. (yep, I said clap back wanna fight about it?)

    --I am totally cool with Gage getting a big win under his belt as he does need these, but Flex is one-third of the Trios champs right now and my other issue with his usage will be later. But for all intents and purposes, this was great for Blackwood to get back in the saddle. The subsequent meetings with Shooter have been a good slow build so far. Looking forward to see where this goes.

    --I love the new Crimson Lord now that he is still insane, but focused on a specific goal. Kerry came off great here and I like the use of Kerry to get to Scott Douglas. Kerry/CL was well-done with the right winner and I LOVED the post-match seg. The story of CL trying to expose Douglas as a monster has been a good direction so far. Great job to Scott and Brian here.

    --Titus Campbell getting some love was fun as well as a nice win for Are... Sorry, Amathysta. Can't spell for shit, haha. But this was good stuff, as well as Harvey having a fit afterwards. I laughed my ass off at Flex Kruger wanting to avenge Elise by fighting THE Jay Harvey for the title, but he just lost earlier then gets a shot. I don't normally like that, but small gripe to an otherwise really fun story so far.

    --I know where the Harmen story is going and I just want to say I'm eager for the reveal. Good continuation of what happened to Harmen last week.

    --Looks like WynLyn and Quell aren't done. Short and to the point!

    --...And neither are ToyBox and The Fuse Bros! They've been good foils for one another and with an ankle injury, stuff isn't looking so good for The Fuse Bros. I laughed at Angus' utter contempt for The Fuse Bros.

    --No match for Cole! Instead, Cristiano Caballero attacks Mushi! A BRAZEN guy looking to make a mark. I love it.

    --The "mystery opponent" gimmick worked really well I think and Justin did a good job with this match, putting over Cole's toughness while doing the same for Stevens being pissed as hell over the start of the show.

    I'll follow up with this UNCUT later today, but I feel overall this show did a great job setting up some good stories for DEFCON.

    Nice work all!
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