Published by: Adria Hoyt

St. Louis, MO - It has been an interesting night folks. Anybody that thought they knew what would happen after Scorched, will never expect what actually did. To say that the night was a change, would be an understatement. While we saw a tag team reform, another was cut off at it's knees. Debuts were enmasse, while others made their returns. Champions were plenty, challengers were few.

Scheduled action for the night would see the Dynasty Tag Team Championships defended by Hank Wright and Chris Hopper against Tony Spark and Christopher Noid, For the Win, in our Main Event. And before we get there to kick us off, the NEW Blitzkrieg Champion VIP will be putting his championship on the line with the return of the Blitz Open Challenge! And of course there is plenty more to watch and see. So head on over to Hulu or's archive and check out the stream today!