Published by: Adria Hoyt

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ST. LOUIS, Mo --(BUSINESS WIRE)-- NBW and playMGM today announced a new partnership to allow live betting on the outcomes of all matches being scheduled for their upcoming Pay Per View Sin & Retribution, a 2 night affair. In addition the Mandalay Bay, Bellagio Casino & Resort, and MGM Grand have partnered up with NBW to broadcast the two night event in its entirety live on location.

"We are quite excited to bring not only the NBW's talented wrestlers for our return to Vegas, but also to provide multiple ways for our fans and the locals too busy on the Strip to make it to the arena, to watch all the action. And live at that," said Xander Napoli, the recently returned head figure for NBW. "We hope that allowing our fans the opportunity to bet on the outcome of our matches will not only be lucrative for our company and help us grow, but also return some investment to their own pockets. Win win, as one could say."

Thanks to playMGM, the internet based sportsbook means that you do not even have to be a Vegas resident or visitor to take part.

"I would like to think that this step will help establish NBW as more than just a weekly assortment of wrestling action, but an actual figure head to this corner of the sporting world." Napoli continued, "UFC and Bellator are two of the world renowned MMA and combats sports organizations out there. While NBW is Wrestling, it's time to shift those thoughts on differences and put our name up to the top along side those two."

Ever the confident business man Xander Napoli seems to know what he wants and what he expects.

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Charlotte Evelene, ESPN Corespondent.