Solid PCP banter in here. The D easily wins line of the segment with the tag team gag. Harvey plays fighting his frustration well. Some of a dialogue from both parties was a little bit long winded here and if DDK hadn’t summed this up - I may have been as long as Angus. Well, I knew it had nothing to do with Tide Pods but you know what I mean. Some of these opening segments tend to go on for far too long and this one did not so I liked that. Overall solid segment. The heel arguing for real wrestling verses the clowning of sport entertainment from the faces is an interesting dynamic for DEF also.

I really didn’t want two talking segment back to back… but I didn’t have many other options. So, it is what it is. That has nothing to do with this segment just a note while I’m thinking about it. Seth has been killing it with all the BRAZEN stuff and if you guys have missed it be sure to go back and check out the BRAZEN RISE gimmick on UNCUT. This was a solid segment continues and gets us quickly to Theo/Cole II. No complaints here.

Good match here, selling Cole’s growth and Theo’s brutal power. Angus has some great stuff in here, “My water didn’t even shake.” Plus all the Opie stuff. I think the post match attack can almost be assumed but I wasn’t expecting Thugs 4 Hire to run in for the save. Sets up the PPV perfectly - great stuff.

Wrote it.

Don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned it in previous feedbacks but Queen of Sports Entertainment Style is genius. Aleczander is a great pick and the lead up to his announcement was done very well - I wonder if we were watching this though if it wouldn’t have been better with Elise already in the ring so that we could see her reaction. Ala Owen Hart when Undertaker music hits. (atomicdropcast.com) That aside, well done. Elise is able to topple the big man here, sort of. I like the reusing the chair trick and Angus pointing it out. Harvey coming to the ring to argue with Carla is also a nice little piece of fall out as well. Solid segment moving this feud forward.

BRAZEN gets a gang of airtime these days. I dig it - between the Uncut stuff and plenty of usage on the main show, it certainly makes it feel more real. Again, nothing to really do with this segment but that’s when I thought about it. Great use of commercial, Barrio Boys already in the ring and you know what that means … I’d avoid Angus accurately calling the match though. Not that he isn’t capable - just not his style. He’s more or less the blurt out obscenities and insults guy. He knows who he doesn’t like and he knows who he does … and has NO issue pushing those opinions. Like his last line that’s more Angus, IMO. Other then that a well written match although the formatting was a little different. Good pacing and solid action putting over the female side of the Toybox trio and heels doing some heel stuff is always good.

Quick little post match deal here but it serves it’s purpose and although it’s obvious who was going to come out and even the odds … I still somehow blanked on it for a second, wondering who’s music is that .. and with Quell going unused on the main show (best I can remember) the entire time I’ve been in DEFIANCE, I think the Faithful would have had the same experierance making the impact of her arrival even more exciting. Good stuff. Commentary wise, the little bit that is in here - flip who said what and it’s nearly perfect imo.

Always love a good Fuse Brothers promo. I don’t know if it has always been this way or if you reading long enough I’ve picked up on it but Connor is equal parts Rainman and D’Lo Brown. Which is great stuff in this segment. Tyler has the patience of a god (thats a saying right? Idk he is very patient with Connor.) My memory is terrible but I feel like Connor’s near nervous breakdown has been slowly amping up as their time in DEFIANCE goes on. Either way - solid segment.

We get a no match here but all in all I think it works. As commentary points out the Steven’s Bros already got what they want so why waste time wrestling now - just beat the shit out of thier soon to be opponents and soften them up for the big show.

Wrote with Tom.


Great work from Scott, I was involved I’ll abstain.

So Elise picks herself … it was never said she couldn’t. Good shit, the double music is a nice touch. This makes Elise look strong and a credible threat going into the pay per view but also reminds everyone live by the fake DQ die by the fake DQ. Just when Elise thinks she has it all figured out, Harvey finds a way to outsmart her.

Good show but WAY TOO many in rings! Almost every match has a in ring to set it up or to book the next match. Hell, I did it too - so in the future we are going to watching that a little more and maybe have to request some change there setting. Not to mention … not EVERYTHING has to be set up on the show. Matches can be announced during the Rundown… but when ⅔ of the show is impromptu matches … there isn’t much for the guys to even talk about in the rundown. So bare that in mind as we move forward. Also almost all DQs or no contest - which go home, I get you wanna build heat for the blow off. Great effort from everyone once again and if you are reading this: WRITE feedback! If I can write two angles, do all the staff things I have to do, record and release The AWARD show watching Atomicdropcast.com (plug) and write this then what is your excuse?!

Thanks guys.