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    Online Onslaught Wrestling seeking new talent

    Originally at the wrestling board Onlineonslaught.com, then moved to http://natecorbitt.proboards.com/ when there was a lengthy board outage. Has been operating continuously since 2004.

    Archive site for past shows, character bios, etc. at http://mooseoowf.proboards.com/ (I am very behind in updating...but working on it).

    Wrestlers of many styles, from comedy to scary heels, men and women wrestle in the same division. We have four main Championships (World, Intercontintinental and Tag), a 24/7 hardcore championship (Heavy Metal DDT Ironman). When there's enough interest, we also have a championship for 3-person teams.

    Play-by-post/Role play. Minimum of 1 post/promo per week no maximum. If things get hectic in real world, that's fine, no penalties for that.

    We have a channel on Discord and a FB group (The OOWF www.facebook.com/groups/1598435907082731/) in addition to the boards for communication. Lots of interaction, and everyone is encouraged to help book angles and story lines, and write matches.

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    Re: Online Onslaught Wrestling seeking new talent

    I thought I would post the most recent show (if that's not permitted I'll delete it, just let me know)

    MidWeek Mayhem (#874)
    Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
    August 15, 2018


    With a bit of rock, paper, scissors, it is decided that Skurge will start. Ghosthead is perfectly happy to allow Eco to take that role for the beginning of the match, and while Skurge may not be the best wrestler, Ecosystem somewhat surprises the crowd and also his partner by dominating Skurge, and without resorting too many dirty tricks to do it. They actually go back and forth for a good long while. Eco pushes Skurge to his corner and tags in Ghosthead. Ghosthead shakes off his surprise and quickly goes to work on Skurge. Skurge takes an advantage of bad positioning and drives Ghosthead back with an unseen Greco-Roman Eye Poke, and the diving to his corner to tag in SYB. He makes the tag but SYB does not want to be in the ring with Ghosthead. He pleads that he be spared, but Ghosthead (after recovering from the eye poke) walks over...more stalks, really... and pulls SYB into the ring over the top rope. SYE manages to do an okay shoulder roll, and comes up on one knee. He mugs for the crowd, a la Eddie Guerrero, and Ghosthead quickly gets him into the PHANTASMAGORIA~! Skurge tries to break up the pin, which brings Eco in, but it's not enough....one, two, three~!
    WINNERS in 12:02 – Ghosthead & Ecosystem

    After the match, Beer Money remain in the ring in disbelief. They get to their feet and are about to leave the ring when Banned From Everywhere hit the ring and the fight is on! Bill grabs Skurge and hammers him with punches to the face. Justin grabs SYB and hits him with DOUG HATES TOAST! SYB is out! Bill gets the better of the exchange and dazes Skurge with bionic elbows before finishing him off with a BRUTAL short arm clothesline. Bill pounces on Skurge and traps him in the CUYLER CLUTCH! The referee tries to pull Bill off of Skurge but to no avail, Skurge howls in pain until finally Mai and Shizuru run out with weapons. BFE, Ghost and Eco decide to live to fight another day.


    Shizuro and Mai are out first, and the crowd nearly boos them out of the building. Shizuru takes off his shades and looks at them with contempt, while Mai ignores everything and heads to the ring. As “Insane in the Brain” plays the crowd erupts. Justin and Bill come out without Drunkey or Drunkette and look a lot more serious. Bull starts off against Mai and we get a lot of back and forth. At one point Bill whips Mai into the corner and catches her with a clothesline, then absolutely brutalizes her with chops. Mai rakes the eyes and tags in to Shizuru.

    Shizuru peppers Bill with kicks to the ribs and knees, then nearly knocks him cold with a spinning heel kick to the side of the head. Bill bails out of the ring and falls to the floor and doesn’t move. While Bill lies face down on the floor, Shizuru leaps over the top rope and drops a leg on the back of Bill’s head. Shizuru rolls Bill into the ring and covers, but Justin makes the save at two. Shizuru tags Mai back in and Shizuru traps Bill in a camel clutch, Mai comes in and repeatedly kicks Bill in the face. The referee quickly makes the five count, but the damage has been done. Mai pulls Bill to his feet and whips him to the ropes, Bill takes a few staggered steps and falls between the ropes to the floor, on his knees by the apron. Justin jumps in and goes after Mai as the referee tries to get Justin out of the ring, we see Bill slowly standing up, but he has a far away look in his eyes, and this time it’s not from PCPL – probably. As Bill stands, Beer Money runs to the ring, Skurge has a chair and he absolutely BRAINS Bill, slamming the chair right against the back of Bill’s head. Skurge pulls an unconscious Bill up and hefts him into the ring, then hides under the apron. Mai makes the cover, the referee turns around and sees the pin and makes the three count. While he is doing that, SYB grabs Justin and POWERBOMBS him off the apron to the floor!.
    WINNERS in 7:11 – Shizuru & Mai Muyo

    As soon as the bell rings, Shizuru leaves the ring and helps SYB beat the snot out of Justin, while Mai and Skurge put the boots to an unconscious Bill. Ghosthead and Eco race to the ring, of course with weapons of their own. SYB and Shizuru both get kendo sticks upside the head. Shizuru also repeatedly gets caned across his back until he can escape. Inside the ring Eco has an old Paul Heyman style cell phone. He slams it upside Skurge’s head, then pulls Mai up and is about to hit her, he hesitated for a moment, then hits the ENDGAME on the floor. Eco gets to his feet and slides into the ring and stands with Ghost as Justin checks on Bill, then quickly waves to the back for medics. Bill is on one knee, but clearly out of it. Medics hit the ring as Shizuru helps Mai to her feet and helps her to the back while Shizuru helps Skurge. The medics check Bill’s eyes and we immediately hear something about concussion protocall. They help him to his feet and they head to the back to a standing ovation from the crowd.


    Mac and Fire make their way to the ring. Mac just stares straight ahead, while you can see Fire is having to focus on making her way to the ring. She can see, but her eyes are still red. They climb into the ring and share a quick word, then Fire steps onto the apron. The OOWF world heavyweight champion Moosehead Jack and Shannon Mann make their way to the ring, Moose rolls into the ring and slumps in the corner glaring and Fire. Shannon climbs onto the apron. Moose gets to his feet and hands the title to the referee. The ref hands it to the Official OOWF Keeper of the Championship Belts at ringside, then calls for the bell.

    Moose and Mac circle, Mac and the fans are pumped. Mac finally gets his hands on Jack. They are about to lock up, when Moose stops, flips Mac the bird, then tags in Shannon. The crowd boos the SHIT out of this. Mac looks at Jack with disgust, which allows Shannon to catch him with a dropkick to the jaw that sends him to his corner where Fire tags herself in. As Fire is coming into the ring, Mac says something to her and Fire gives him a death glare. Fire and Shannon meet in the middle of the ring and argue a bit, then lock up. Fire holds her own on the mat, countering most of Shannon’s moves, but Shannon catches Fire with several quick kicks, kind of a hit and move attack. Fire stumbles into her corner and Mac tags himself in, which does not make Fire all that happy, but she accepts it. Mac comes in and Shannon grabs him and sends him to the ropes, she telegraphs a clothesline, then as Mac ducks, Mai KILLS him with a knee to the face! Mac crumbles to the mat, dazed. As soon as he hits the mat, Moose calls for the tag, Shannon tags in Moose, and the crowd boos their heads off. Moose pounces on Mac and hammers him with punches to the face. He pulls a dazed Mac to his feet and hits him with a RANHEI then locks him in the JI-ENDO! Mac howls in pain, but Fire comes in and grabs Moose by the hair and pulls him off Mac! Fire and Moose glare at one another for a fraction of a second, then HOCKEY FIGHT! The two take turns hammering one another with punches to the face while holding one another by the throat. Typical Wednesday for the Quinn’s. Fire starts to get the better of it when Mac grabs Moose from behind and hits a RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX! Sending Moose into his corner. Moose lands hard on the back of his head, tags Shannon in, then falls to the his knees on the floor.

    Shannon comes in and fights with Fire for a moment. Mac tries to help Fire, but Fire inadvertently nails him with an elbow to the throat. Mac staggers away holding his throat. Moose slides into the ring with a chair and drops it on the mat, kicks Mac in the gut, then PLANTS him with a DDT on the chair! Moose kicks the chair out of the ring just as the referee turns around. Moose stands over Mac and just shrugs, then steps onto the apron. Shannon covers Mac……..one……….two………THREE! Fire is just a breaks up the pin with a kick to Shannon’s ribs just a fraction of a second too late. Fire sees a smirking Moose on the apron and lunges at him, but Moose hops off the apron to the floor before she can do anything. Shannon and Moose make their way to the back while Fire and Mac fume in the ring.
    WINNERS in 27:18 – Moosehead Jack & Shannon Mann


    With Stank and Zed charging Alexander and Lexie Darling, OOWF official “Junior” Hale rings the bell with Alexander pairing off with Stank and Zed with Lexie. The Darling Twins gain a quick advantage as Lexie headscissors Zed from the ring before joining Alexander on Stank, sending him through the ropes with a double dropkick, earning an applause from the OOWF faithful.

    An angered Stank holds off Zed and points toward Alexander, who nods, smirks and stays in the ring as Lexie steps onto the apron. Stank overpowers Alexander and easily works him toward the corner. Alexander ducks under an elbow and dropkicks Stank from behind into the corner. As Stank tries to turn himself around, Alexander delivers a running knee to Stank’s chest before mounting the turnbuckles and delivering 9 punches before BRICK~! grabs Alexander’s ankle to distract him long enough for Stank to shove Alexander off and deliver a quick splash. That gets 2, before Stank drags the winded Alexander to the Saints’ corner, where Zed tags in and immediately starts to work on Alexander. Quick tags rotate the Saints in and out until Alexander earns his freedom through a well-placed elbow to Zed’s temple before dashing across and tagging in Lexie.

    Lexie and Zed exchange the advantage during a mat- and chain-wrestling sequence that sees Zed use strength against Lexie’s flexibility and speed. Multiple stalemates result in applause, on cue, all three times. During the third standoff, Kylie Mignolio and Bridget O’Malley walk down the aisle, stopping at the bottom of the ramp. Zed sees the pair right away, turning his attention toward the two women as Lexie rolls Zed up for 2. Zed delivers a hellacious lariat out of the rollup, using that opportunity to taunt Bridget and Kylie as he clubs Lexie down. Zed tags in Stank to further the punishment while Zed continues the trash talk.

    Russ: “It seems that Zed has a lot on his mind that he wants to share with Bridget O’Malley and Kylie Mignolio.”
    Razz: “When Bridget is around, it’s not hard for Zed to draw some anger and verbal aggression. I’m guessing Kylie isn’t immune.”

    A Stankbomb on a dazed Lexie gets 2.5 only when Alexander makes the save. With Hale escorting Alexander back to the corner, BRICK~! hands Zed an international object, which gets placed in his tights for safe-keeping. Stank suplexes Lexie repeatedly as the crowd instinctively counts along, reaching 11 before Lexie grabs onto the bottom rope, forcing Hale to insist that Stank release the wasitlock. Stank basks in the applause from the few Saints fans while Lexie crawls to her corner, only for Stank to grab her ankle and casually drag her away. Zed tags in and Bridget hops onto the apron to protest to Hale about the object in Zed’s tights. Stank pushes Bridget off the apron, getting a dropkick from Kylie for his troubles. While Stank is occupied in a heated argument with The Frenemies, Hale ejects the pair from the ringside area, much to Zed’s approval. While Hale is instructing the women on how to exit the ringside area, Alexander hops in, boots a distracted Zed – despite BRICK~!’s frantic warnings – and hits a Darling Driver out of nowhere. Lexie falls on Zed as Hale turns around. Hale counts 3 as Stank is just a bit too late.
    WINNERS (pinfall, 29:10), The Darling Twins.

    Stank gives chase to Alexander and Lexie, who quickly roll away from danger before celebrating. Zed pounds the mat in frustration while Bridget and Kylie peek through the curtain to taunt Zed and Stank just a bit more.


    Bridget and Kylie come out first to a huge ovation. They warm up in the ring as "Laser Cannon Deth Sentence" blares and The OOWF World Tag Team Champions come out for this non title match. Matt and Stan ignore the boos and hand their Championships to the referee. The bell rings and this one is underway.

    Bridget and Stan start out and Bridget uses her quickness advantage to nullify the big man's power. Bridget with a few hard chops then moves out of range. Stan charges and Bridget takes him down with a drop toe hold and makes the tag to Kylie who comes off the top with a knee to the back of Stan's head. Kylie covers for two. Running knee gets 2. Kylie tags Bridget back in and they nail Stan with a double DDT. Bridget covers but it's broken up by Matt. The faces continue to use their speed and quick tags to drive the Champs crazy, until Stan drives Bridget into the corner. Stan gives a clean break, but while the referee's back is turned Matt drives his knee into Bridget's spine. Stan makes the tag.

    Matt shoots Bridget off the ropes and nails her with a spinebuster. Backdrop suplex and snap suplex quickly follow. Matt drops an elbow to the back of Bridget's head and then locks in an STF. Bridget makes it to the ropes and Matt breaks but quickly drags her back to her feet and hits a slingshot suplex for 2. Matt and Stan proceed to double team Bridget, showing their great chemistry as a team, but are unable to put her away. Stan goes for a powerbomb but Bridget reverses to a hurricanrana for 2. Stan makes the tag to Matt. Matt goes for an Angle Slam but Bridget slips off his shoulders and shoves him into the turnbuckle. Matt gets to his corner to make the tag as Bridget slowly crawls to the corner trying to do the same. Stan sees this and decides now's an appropriate time to have a discussion with the referee. As the ref is distracted, the crowd goes wild as Bridget reaches up to make the tag. Kylie leaps over the top rope and starts hammering on Stan but the referee shoves her back and informs her that he didn't see the tag. Kylie protests this but the referee orders her out of the ring. Stan scoops up Bridget and nails her with a huge running powerslam, then charges to the opposite corner and knocks Kylie to the floor with a big right hand. Stan tags in Matt and Matt now hits Bridget with the Angle Slam. Just to be an asshole, Matt unnecessarily puts his feet on the ropes as the referee counts 1...2....3.
    WINNERS (Pinfall, 43:43) The OOWF World Tag Team Champions Matt Folz and Stan Fulton.

    As soon as the bell rings, Stank and Zed hit the ring and continue the attack on Bridget and Kylie while Stan and Matt guard the ring. Officials and security flood the ring and pull Zed and Stank off of Bridget and Kylie and get the Saints out of the ring. Kylie and Bridget, each a bloody mess, get to their feet and attack Stank and Zed as they are leaving the ring. Security finally gets them separated and get Stank and Zed out of the ring. A bloody Kylie and Bridget stand in the ring defiantly, yelling for them to come back and fight as we fade to black.

    Thanks for coming out and watching LIVE OOWF action be sure to check out the OOWF Hell on Earth 14, September 29, LIVE! from Asheville, North Carolina! And don’t forget to catch next week’s OOWF Mid-Week Mayhem, Live! August 22nd live! from Halifax, Nova Scotia!

    For all your OOWF shopping needs, check out www.cafepress.com/oowfshirts For all your OOWF History needs, visit the OOWF Archives at www.oowfwrestling.com Join us for OOWF Chat on Wednesday nights!

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