Published by: Richie Keal

St. Louis, MO - Nobody told me what to write here! This isn't my job! I need help! But no, Trent McKnight is off on a sabatical or something. Is that even how you spell that word? Why can't Adria use twitter and post this while she's at her folks? Well... fine. So it's like this. Zander Napli showed up 2 weeks ago and kicked mister Harmen out. He's the boss now. And his fart stank being here has changed up things so bad. Even tho we had a great show planned out with Chris Wright and Hank Hopper challenging the Klan for their Dynasty TagTeam Titles. We also got the Great Big Wall aganst Big Rick for #1contendership and face the winner of the Main Event. And speak of that Massive MAIN EVENT of World Championship between Champ Brock Newbludd and challenging Colossise Spike Saunders. For the title.

I'm done. Just watch the show. It's streaming now. In fact I am watching it as I type this. So excuse the distraxtion. And also the spelling and grammar. Not my strong suit. Suite. Sute? See! This isn't my job!
Maybe I should reupload my journal... she can fix this.