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    Hey guys,

    So I've done these nifty little paint icons of characters before and I thought, purely for entertainment purposes, I would do them again for DEFIANCE. This is in no way, shape, or form meant to even come close to rivaling the Micros Chris does. Make no mistake about it, those Micros are completely awesome. This can merely just be looked upon as fan art. Think of them as micro Micros lol. Like I said, I've made these in feds past mainly to serve as AIM icons so I know Murr and Roland might already be familiar with these. Obviously AIM is dead so I have decided to call these new ones "DEFiacons." I plan on doing four at a time, maybe around once a month or so... or if I get bored. No real time frame, no real deadline, no real hassle. I picked the first four by going heel, face, heel, face. I do intend on getting everyone done and then even delving into alternate costumes. Billy, I have a female template somewhere. Give me some time to dig it up. Enjoy.
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