Uncut 33 Review & Feedback

Pretty good rant by an understandably upset Scott Stevens. I especially like how the writer of the segment played up the fact that the outcome was “bush league” stuff and it wouldn’t have necessarily flown in a place like UTA but seems acceptable in DEFIANCE, giving the edge to UTA in the war yet again. I also really like how Stevens addresses Harvey’s challenge for the FIST and how Stevens just brushes it off because in his eyes, he’s the real champion. I also like how this segment seems like “found footage” after DEFtv went off the air.

There is no doubt CL is an intimidating man. I liked the touch of the alligator shoes at the beginning. This was a long but also deep and revealing segment. Overlooking the very minor grammatical errors, this segment was tremendous. It clearly painted the picture that CL is really the one with all the power, behind the scenes, pulling the strings he deems fit. It makes me want to see him defeated though. I feel his status is tied to the fact he is the WrestleUTA Champion. I don’t think Warner was ever in trouble of getting hurt but there were numerous moments throughout the segment where tensions clearly rose. I felt that CL came off as extremely confident with most of his answers and just brushed aside any time Warner brought up an injury of his or a possible weakness. This truly gave me the feeling of an all-out war being on the horizon. Clearly, CL does not “feel” anything. Oh and he is sexist and should be damned to hell for it.

This segment was great. I like how the Dibbins brothers used a character from a completely different occurrence and made it work to their advantage. Adler was already crushed from his run-in with Chris Ross so pissing in the wound was easy for the Dibbins brothers. I especially like the comedic relief comparing Duke’s throw to a drunken / high one of the fabled Johnny Manziel. It’s just small segments like this that gradually get guys over in my opinion.

This was another stellar segment. I am totally getting more and more invested into this WrestleUTA / DEFIANCE war. I like how flamboyant of a character Mike Unlikely is and on top of everything, he is the owner of WrestleUTA. Usually, when you think of fed owners, a cookie-cutter business man comes to mind but the way Unlikely talks is completely abstract from that. I want to know what Unlikely has lined up for Stevens! Tell me now! Also, the trophy was a funny touch.

Are you ready? Are you really ready? I feel like this segment started out like a traditional Mega Man level does with the word ‘READY’ in big bold capital letters in the center of the screen. This was a pretty good segment. I really liked the banter between the brothers, reviewing all the video game “specs” of DEFIANCE. It all made sense too... motion controls... well, yeah. Online capabilities? Technically wrestling is a multiplayer game. I also liked the reference that they survived fWo and they are determined to survive WrestleUTA, which adds to the roster-wide theme of the war that is being waged. It also makes UTA look more daunting than anything they had faced before. I just hope The Fuse Bros. aren’t afraid to use the “Konami code” if they think they’re running out of lives.

The whole writing in present tense thing is taking a little getting used to. It’s not that I hate it; it’s definitely a unique writing style that makes everything feel like it is literally happening in the moment... which is the point. I really like this two show system of predominately wrestling happening on DEFtv and character driven segments on Uncut to the point where I think less and less segments should actually happen on DEFtv because the build-up happens on Uncut but I also understand that uncut is literally just that, a set of random segments that happen in and around DEFtv. I think it would be neat to see Uncut be its own show that happens between DEFtv’s and both debriefs the previous and sets up the proceeding show. The size of the show is excellent.

STAR OF THE SHOW: Crimson Lord for being a prick to Lance Warner. I just feel he stood out the most with his threatening behavior. I am looking forward to seeing more from him.

ROSS’ MUST READ CHARACTER: Scott Stevens. He not only appears in multiple segments but my (heel) heart kind of goes out to him. Plus he got an awesome trophy for his efforts.