In the seedy underbelly of upper class society lies The CLUB. In stark contrast to outward appearances but perfectly in line with the addiction many of the super wealthy have with the need to feel superior to the common man, CLUB exists so that the upper echelon can satiate their greed and their lust for more by providing only the best blood sport money can buy. This non-sanctioned, anything goes hand-to-hand combat league operates under one main rule, you must pay to play ... and you must pay big.

Where and exactly when CLUB began is a mystery. The overall secrecy of the league has been handled so well that it's origin has been lost to a thousand rumors and tall tales about this particular mobster or that high-ranking corporate figure. The reality is it does not matter how CLUB started, what matters is that it exists.

It is a playground for bloodthirsty "one-percenters" to meet and rub elbows while watching trained, and not so trained, fighters punch each other into into red-stained mush. It is, as some believe, an evolution to Mixed Martial Arts. They claim it is the purest form of the sport, a top shelf brand of battle. It is the return of the days of gladiators in the arena and all the glory and magnificent bloodshed that came along with it. For the paying members it is a fix unlike any other. Something they can share with only the wealthiest and most deranged of their well-to-do pack.

For the fighters, it is Hell come to Earth. Some love it, they live for the fire. Others would give anything to rid themselves of it, to somehow wash their souls clean of all the blood they've spilled and the gruesome images that haunt them nightly. Most are here because they have to be. Either by their distinct lack of employable skills beyond punching or their distinct lack of good judgement when making deals involving large sums of money, whatever the case may be they find themselves trapped until they win enough to buy their way out ... or they die on the floor of some filthy warehouse with the roar of the ones that put them there the last thing they will ever hear.

This is CLUB.