Uncut 24

Nice solid show. Liked Angus getting pissed off that Keebs was on his show!

Quest for a partner:
first time i've come across this character in the last few weeks (i'm still pretty new to this game) but I'm into Aleczander the great. Like segs like this that give the viewer a bit of an inside look behind the scenes at DEFIANCE. Nice use of Brexit (in a negative way, obvs, still pisses me off!) Still no partner for Alexzander though...

Man Seeking Woman:
Best thing I've ever read. Love Klein More Klein segs please. Even better, I hope to see another seg from klein responding to some poor soul who answered his ad! Run with it Ford!

The Hungover:
I miss doing segs with PCP, this was great. Skidd is recovering from a PCP party and Elise gives him the low down on what happened the night before. Nice use of lessons learned from Elise to Skidd regarding her history with Mikey and Kendrix and how it's similar to the way his bros walked out on him. Will Skidd officially become a member of PCP?

Stories we tell ourselves/the realities we fear:
Bravo, these were written so well. Loving what I'm seeing with the background into this feud from years ago. That Jessica is a psycho! Two parts to every story and the latter seg clears up Jessica's serious claims re scott in the first seg. Awesome storytelling guys.

Days Gone By Part 2
Same with this as above. I'm totally sold on this and eager to learn more about this story and how we've got to the stage we are at in the present day. Impulse is trying to work out how its come to this and these memories of his further this story big time.

Awesome work guys.