We are just three wrestlers away from announcing our first KINGDOM TV card and KING OF THE KINGDOM tournament and would like to offer you the opportunity to join this exciting new fed.


What is KINGDOM?

KINGDOM is a fantasy e-wrestling promotion, or e-fed. It is designed so you can create a wrestler, control their career and participate in wrestling events. We are obviously not a real wrestling promotion, this is just entertainment and a roleplaying environment.

- The Backstory

For an update to date backstory please click here.


‘KINGDOM TV’ is our television program, it airs on our website. It is a 1 hour television show, so that means depending on the roster size not everyone will get a match each week, or some people will wrestle enhancement talent. KINGDOM TV is held at the Golden Taj Casino, for more information on the venue click here

These shows are written in summary style.

Supercards, which are held once every four shows will be available on ‘Video on Demand’ websites. The biggest matches in KINGDOM will take place in these events and they will be held in much bigger arenas.

Ahead of a Supercard there will also be a ‘Road To…’ event, this is a preview show to the Supercard but may also feature matches taped at live events or after KINGDOM TV went off the air. Supercards will be written in a much more detailed manner.

House Shows , also known as Live Events may also be held periodically. The results of which will be posted on line. House Show results are just for fun and do not have any specific meaning. They are just to add more depth to the league.


The life and soul of any efed. Roleplays are used to judge who wins a match, KINGDOM TV has a one roleplay limit, although you are welcome to post more, only the best will count.

For a guide to roleplays then click here.

Use your judgment when it comes to what to write, there’s no need for foul language and the best rule of thumb is that anything that wouldn’t get on TV probably shouldn’t be used here.

Squash Matches

Something that is also encouraged is to write squash matches. Writing a squash match is a great way to develop your character. There’s a limit of 500 words for a squash match. A list of the Enhancement Talent can be found in the Active Roster section.


The main singles title is called the KING OF THE KINGDOM while the secondary title is named the IMPERIAL CROWN. The Tag Team titles are known as the KNIGHTS OF THE REALM.

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