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Thread: Almost Famous

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    Almost Famous


    The following is an excerpt from the forthcoming documentary from
    Squared Circle Commentaries.


    Almost Famous
    The Journey of Journeymen
    Pro Wrestling’s Unsung Undercard


    Former CSWA Greensboro Champion, Kevin Watson, rolls upright from a prone position, out of a cheap motel bed. The midmorning sun beams through the door frame casting a harsh light on the once would be superstar. His unkempt look tells the story of the road and a career that once was. His cut off jean shorts tell, at the least a portion, of the night that had gone on before. He plants his feet firmly on the matted dingy carpet and slowly hoists his torso up to a vertical. The years of abuse, in and out the ring, cause his body to ache and almost grind at each pivot point as it slowly warms to near function.

    He wipes at his eyes with one hand as he reaches out of frame with the other.

    CUT TO

    The night stand. His hand, covered in fading and nearly unintelligible tattoos, fumbles across the littered terrain. Knocking over empty pints and assorted beer cans. Finding the half crumbled pack of cigarettes, he coaxes one out without lifting the pack; knocking one last can to the floor in the process.

    CUT TO

    Kevin. He raises the cigarette to lips and begins the search for a lighting implement. Scanning the night stand briefly before leaning back with a audible grown to give himself enough slack to dig down into his pocket. He produces a lighter and puts it to use.

    CUT TO

    A tight shot of his hand flicking the lighter and the cigarette igniting.

    CUT TO

    Medium shot. He takes a long deep pull from the filtered cigarette and let's out a bellowing cloud of smoke seconds later. The camera operator zooms, tilts and any other dramatic trappings of documentarians attempting to make the mundane seem interesting.

    It’s a little early for me.

    He pulls from the cigarette once again.

    The camera pans hard right, back to the nightstand to show the time. 2:30 pm.

    Back to Kevin. He exhales with a cough followed by a deathly hack or two.

    I don’t know what you’ll show or you won’t …

    He attempts to clear his throat once again.

    The indie scene isn’t, by any means, glamorous … So I imagine it’ll be mostly that. The aged out nobody still carrying around a defunct title from a defunct promotion trying to make a dollar … I get that.

    He drags from his cigarette again.

    And … your check cleared so … fair is fair.

    He exhales and reaches back toward the nightstand. He knocks over a few empty cans before one withstand a light touch proving it’s contents, at least a portion, remain. He grabs the can and tips it back imbibing in what must be warm and flat beer.

    … but things are looking up. Use it or not …

    He tosses the, now empty, can back toward the nightstand. The equal and opposite reaction sounds off as several other empties topple from their former perch.

    I got a call last night …

    He pulls from his cigarette once more. Before exhaling he finishes his sentence.

    Looks like Hardcore is back in business.

    He exhales while outing his cigarette on the nightstand itself.


    Squared Circle Commentaries. SCCWrestling.com
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