News has just come in regarding the conclusion of Slam 89; in light of escalating brawls spanning the last two shows, NBW General Manager Jack Harmen has instituted what is being called a "No Contact" clause between NBW World Champion Derecho and Number One Contender Warren Spade between now and their title match at 25 To Life.

This is a heated feud going back six month since Spade set his sights on winning his first World title in NBW following his four-year hiatus from the sport. Last week's brawl was attempted to have been broken up by security, only for things to spiral out of control. Warren Spade attacked several members of NBW security in an attempt to get at Derecho. For this, he has been fined $50,000 - noted to have been paid to NBW offices by Fenton Woods already. Violation of the clause is only rumors at this point, but indefinite suspension and a possible stripping of the title were the big talking points of the locker room.

In other news, a special visitor will be in attendance for the next episode of Slam - Memphis wrestling legend and the father of of Warren Spade, the giant known as "The Golden Lion" Leon Spade! Winning more than thirty championships in the course of his twenty-five year career, the the retired Leon Spade is no stranger to most casual fans. Rumor has it the memphis legend will be looking to possibly broker a deal with NBW for his promotion, Wrestling Wonder's vast catalogue of video content spanning four decades. No doubt, he will be there to lend support to his son, who will be in action against Rich Family member Declan Rich.

In other news, a BLOCKBUSTER match has just been announced for 25 To Life: in addition to both men being part of the 25 To Life match itself, "Big Talk" Jake Tockwell will put his Blitzkrieg title on the line against the former NBW World champion and legend "The Colossus" Spike Saunders!

Considered possibly the fastest rising star in NBW today, Tockwell boats a very impressive resume that includes defeating Brock Newbludd and Warren Spade in one night (albeit both due to questionable circumstances), however he and his manager "Hot Sauce" Raul Ramirez and his group, the In Crowd, have launched multiple assaults on Spike and former NBW Dynasty tag champs the Unstoppables. Now Spike will have the chance to not only shut Tockwell up, but also take his first title away from the brash Memphis brawler. Just before two big title matches at 25 To Life, on Slam 90 there will also be a six-man tag pitting Spike and the Unstoppables against the In Crowd of Tockwell and Dynasty Tag champions, the A-List made up of VIP and El Principe!

You'll have to stay tuned to Slam 90 to see if this No Contact clause will keep Derecho and Spade from one another - AND of course check out to see who else will declare entry into the titular 25 To Life match itself!