Published by: Adria Hoyt

ST. LouIS, MO - It's been a long while since we last saw Ravage, after his defeat against then-Blitzkrieg champion Brock Newbludd, but he makes his return in tonight's Main Event against Warren Spade! We will also have the NBW World Heavyweight Champion Derecho go one on one with E.Z. Blaze, and if Blaze manages to pull out the win Warren Spade gets his rematch at 25 To Life!

We've also got plenty of tag team action for you tonight. Champions A-List defend against For the Win, in their first defense since stopping the Unstoppables. The Players go to head with Health Fanatics, while Rich Family clashes with Alfie Button and Keystone Champion Ali Amore.

This and of course much more can be expected so check out the stream today!